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Hardly recognise Kerry Katona in these latest pics

8 replies

compo · 11/01/2009 08:23

She looks more like Melinda Messenger!


OP posts:
traceybath · 11/01/2009 08:29

I know - she looks like a totally different person.

I wouldn't be surprised if she moves on from her husband as she's looking a lot more confident and he's always seemed a bit dodgy to me. (like i know!)

ABloke · 11/01/2009 09:13

I wish I had a personal trainer, and some lipo and possibly a little bit of botox.

Yes, she's looking good. Not well but good.

I like the skeletor look though.

oneyummymummy · 11/01/2009 09:28

Haha, does anyone know when her show is back on MTV? and Jades one on living too? I sound like a bit of a celeb addict now don't I!

Lizzylou · 11/01/2009 09:31

I think she is looking great, hope she ditches her DH or at least tries and sorts him out. He is such a leech.
I wonder if MTV/Living whoever would like to film me and pay for my extensive plastic surgery....
What I genuinely cannot understand is if she is bankrupt how come she still has the mansion in Wilmslow (rather her than me tbh) and flashy cars?

tiredemma · 11/01/2009 09:36

I saw th same pic, but smaller and thought it was Elle Mcpherson!

pinkblossom · 11/01/2009 10:00

Wow - she looks good and dare I say it "classy" or is that going a bit too far?

janeite · 11/01/2009 10:03

She looks as if she is made of leather.

I can't understand why companies/magazines still employ/pay her tbh.

lottiejenkins · 11/01/2009 10:26

Dont think she looked so good at the end of the night though.........Same old Same old.................. t-a-celebrity-party.html

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