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Not a toy, but lost

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Hogiabach · 11/12/2008 09:55

I went into London Bridge yesterday and I think someone tried to pick pocket my bag. I have a lovely Mulberry Roxanne and keep all emergency supplies of plasters, calpol and the like in one of the front pockets. Sadly, Someone must have thought that the clasp needed to be opened to get in and thought there was something worth nicking in there. When I got home I noticed that the clasp was completely gone. I feel utterly upset as it's completely defaced my bag. So anyone who travels on SE trains if you happen to see a mulberry brass buckle strap it's mine .

OP posts:
wotuhohohoinat · 11/12/2008 19:01

How frustrating. There are some shitty people about.

SquidgyBrain · 16/12/2008 13:27

Hogiabach, I would phone Mulberry customer services - you may be able to buy a new buckle strap - or they may well just replace it for you - worth a call anyway

sorry that it has happened in the first place

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