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Yuk, Claire Sweeney think I'm her number one fan...

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minko · 28/11/2008 18:15

She was in front of me in Woking's M+S queue the other evening. It was really quiet at the time. I tried to nudge DP to make him look and she just smiled all smugly in a 'oh they love me' kind of way. YUCKEROO!

What should I have said...??

She looked very glam and incredibly high maintenance by the way...

OP posts:
LulumamaLovesLatkes · 28/11/2008 18:16

she is actually terribly nice in RL .

RebeccaX · 28/11/2008 19:09

She smiled - what's the problem?

rubyslippersisappearinginpanto · 28/11/2008 19:11

sounds like she was being friendly

if she had scowled at you, would you have been on MN complaining?

sometimes i do feel sorry for slebs

Saturn74 · 28/11/2008 19:12

She smiled at you?
The bitch!

I would have said...... "hello".

I take no prisoners.

BoysAreLikeDogs · 28/11/2008 19:13

What is wrong with smiling politely?


How norty of her to be v glam

minko · 28/11/2008 19:48

Sorry, I just can't stand her. She smiled to herself all smug-like, not at me. Apologies for pettiness of thread, please ignore!

OP posts:
badtrip · 28/11/2008 21:58

I met her once as she was about to go on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. She was actually v lovely.

lottiejenkins · 03/12/2008 14:00

I agree slebs cant win can they? If they scowl then they are foul....... if they smile then they are smug!

Iklboo · 03/12/2008 14:02

She might have just thought of something that made her smail that had bugger all to do with you

Pinkjennybellrock · 03/12/2008 14:09

My mum has an irrational dislike of her. Much like me with Kym Marsh or Ryder or whatever.

lou33 · 03/12/2008 14:22

lol @ humph

i would have said i didnt mean her but someone further away

Tillyboo · 04/12/2008 17:51

I met her when I was having a thing with a racehorse trainer and her then boyfriend (think he was the West Brom Goalie at the time) owned a horse with him.

I have to say, she was so lovely and down to earth, very normal and friendly.

DH & I sat behind her in a restaurant after a theatre show and dh has never gotten over seeing her red G-String sticking out of her jeans. She was sat with amongst some, Carol Vordermen who also sounded very nice.

He tells everyone 'I've seen Claire Sweeney's red knickers' !

thenewme · 04/12/2008 17:53

I doubt very much she thinks you are her number one fan.

ChippyMinton · 04/12/2008 19:02

Ooh Tillyboo, was that Alan somebody? I met him and his mate on holiday in Spain when he had just been signed as a pro, then saw him a few years later with CS in Antigua. Very random.

Tillyboo · 04/12/2008 20:03

Chippy, Yes I believe it was. Can't remember his surname but think I'd recognise it if someone told me.

ChippyMinton · 04/12/2008 20:29

Very tall chap.
I snogged his mate

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