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Last night I saw Liza Tarbuck on Charlie Brooker's programme...

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squeaver · 19/11/2008 22:35

...she has put on A LOT of weight. And now looks like she's in her fifties.

Has anyone else seen her recently? Maybe she's comfort-eating after being unmasked on MN as a bitch not very nice person.

OP posts:
BoysAreLikeDogs · 19/11/2008 22:36

oooh tell us more about unmasking ??

[nosey parker]

squeaver · 19/11/2008 22:38

Oh it was little while ago. Lots of us were saying "she's great, I like her" then someone came on who had worked with her and said she was really a nasty piece of work, tried to get people fired, doesn't like other women etc etc

It was a bit of a shock for us Liza fans I can tell you.

OP posts:
squeaver · 19/11/2008 22:42

this thread mentions it but I can't find the original one.

It's sad to see all those "message withdrawns" for Cod.

OP posts:
puffling · 20/11/2008 22:00

She's a good mate of Jonny Vaughan bleurggh

southeastastra · 20/11/2008 22:01

i thought she looked a porker on that too

SheSellsSanctury · 12/12/2008 16:57

If you read the thread on SelbTwaddle about secrets you will never watch her again in the same light.

GwendoleneRamsbottom · 12/12/2008 17:16
muggglewump · 12/12/2008 17:23

She's the black strap on one right?

hf128219 · 12/12/2008 17:24

Was she wearing any accessories?

jooseyfruit · 12/12/2008 17:27

was she bulging slightly in the pant area..?

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