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gary and robbie reunited.........

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hunybuny · 08/11/2008 22:48

at the man u, arsenal game!
i know im so sad but a huge take that fan and think this reunion is brill!!

time for a lashing i s'pose!!!

OP posts:
SuziBhoy · 09/11/2008 12:32

eh what i miss???????

huge robbie fan

HeadFairy · 09/11/2008 12:33

dh said the interview they did together was rather frosty... still think they hate each other

wintera · 09/11/2008 14:18

This link has a bit more info - enal-match.html

Buda · 09/11/2008 14:20

I saw the interview and thought they were OK together. Then afterwards I saw them chatting in the stands on TV.

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