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What happened to Sarah Ferguson's face?

20 replies

TheBlonde · 07/11/2008 08:22

She was on some prog last night. Looked v plastic.

OP posts:
weepootle · 07/11/2008 08:27

I don't usually pick up on things like that but it was quite freaky. I just assumed too much botox.

BoysAreLikeDawgs · 07/11/2008 08:27

She's been kylied

aGalChangedHerName · 07/11/2008 08:35

I saw that. Couldn't work out what had happened to her but she looks weird!!

TheBlonde · 07/11/2008 10:00

I was only flicking channels
I hope her daughters have told her not to have any more botox or lip fillers etc

OP posts:
Gunnerbean · 07/11/2008 21:46

She's spent a lot of time in the States.

I'm sure as soon as she stepped of the plane some stylist alighted upon her and took her off to be Botoxed within an inch of her priveliged life.

MorocconOil · 07/11/2008 21:47

Has anyone a picture to peruse?

MrsNormanMaine · 07/11/2008 21:59

I saw that too. Very weird. The usual botoxers are sort of taut and shiny. She looked tight and crispy.

cornsilk · 07/11/2008 22:00

I need a link!

MorocconOil · 07/11/2008 22:03

Find us a picture!!

alleve · 07/11/2008 22:03

The best that money can buy I'd say. Lovely programe trying to convince us ordinary people that the younger royals take two days out of their partying lifestyle to make a docu on how they do good work.

brimfull · 07/11/2008 22:08

link ladies


deste · 07/11/2008 22:19

I thought she was just getting older. As a matter of interest did anyone else think the younger daughter was brighter than the elder one.

TheBlonde · 08/11/2008 07:29

old pic

I looked on youtube but the recent stuff had v good lighting

OP posts:
hifi · 08/11/2008 22:54

agree deste, the elder was nice but dim.

StepfordKnife · 08/11/2008 23:03

I think she simply looks her age - nothing else. I love her - she seems very warm, genuine and sincere to me

Hathor · 08/11/2008 23:10

They were using their status to highlight the appalling conditions in Turkish and Romanian orphanages and institutions for children with disabilities. I hope people take notice of the message and not just the messenger's appearance.

LeCynic · 08/11/2008 23:13

Absolutely Hathor

TheBlonde · 09/11/2008 18:45

This is the sleb twaddle section you know

OP posts:
forevercleaning · 09/11/2008 18:59

she has deffo had lips plumped if you compare to the pics of when she was younger she had pretty thin ones.

Bu i think she is an amazing woman i really like her. imagine being married to that stuffy lot and coming out of it in one piece and she does a hell of a lot of charity works got her self out of millions of debt lost weight - she is brill

nikos · 09/11/2008 21:02

I'll only take people like her seriously when they come back from an expedition like this, and decide to downsize so they can really give to help the cause. Sheer hypocrisy.

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