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Harry and Wills, I don't understand

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llareggub · 18/10/2008 23:05

Whether or not they are defined as slebs I suppose is another matter, but just how to Harry and Wills manage to hold down their jobs in the military?

I've just watched them set off on their motorbike ride, and have also read about them partying with Paris Hilton this week.

I've never met anyone in the forces, but surely motorbike jaunts and nightclubbing get in the way of the day job?

OP posts:
BoysAreLikeZombies · 18/10/2008 23:06

Don't get me started

[froths at the mouth]

zippitippitoes · 18/10/2008 23:09

i have a confession last night i dreamt about wills

scaryfucker · 18/10/2008 23:10

what did you dream zippi

horse teeth?

bald pate?

plum in gob?


unknownrebelbang · 18/10/2008 23:10

I thought you meant wills, as in what dead people leave, zippi.

scaryfucker · 18/10/2008 23:11

apart from being the future king of england, what exactly might attract you to prince wills ?

zippitippitoes · 18/10/2008 23:13

maybe it was the motorbike

he has aged really quickly tho

LaTricoteuse · 18/10/2008 23:13
herbietea · 18/10/2008 23:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

scaryfucker · 18/10/2008 23:14

yes aged quickly

from hot to prince charles in 2 short fucking years

QueenBeetch · 18/10/2008 23:17

How the bloody hell did he get away with landing that helicopter in Kate Middleton's garden???

Let's face it they don't live in the real world...never have done and never will do.

As for Wills, he might have aged quickly but regardless of this and the helicopter shenanigans he seems to be a nice bloke don'tcha think?

LaTricoteuse · 18/10/2008 23:18

The male ones seem to have a brief period of being physically attractive (Andy, Peter Phillips) then turn into hideous rugger bugger spitting image puppets.

The women all look like George III in drag.

expatinscotland · 18/10/2008 23:19

zippi, eeewwwwww.

scaryfucker · 18/10/2008 23:19

dont hold back LaT

PoppyCoc · 18/10/2008 23:21

LOL @ LaTricoteuse

zippitippitoes · 18/10/2008 23:22

must have been the wine i had lasrt night

Suedonim · 19/10/2008 00:22

Chortle at LaT.

kerryk · 19/10/2008 16:20

my dh fell of the side of a mountain at the start of the year (dont ask )

after being given a x-ray to check he had not broken his back he was given a train ticket to get back to base, even though he had cracked ribs and could not sit down.

i cant quite see that happening to william and harry.

saltire · 19/10/2008 16:29

Er, not wanting to be "pedantic" or anything scaryfucker (in case you scare me) but he is actually going to be King of Great Britain, not just England..
The military ahve 3 sets of rules
1 set for Junior ranks
1 set for Officers and then
1 set for Royalty in Military. I'm sure if Dh said to his boss "I just wnat to borrow a jet/tank/ship to go and visit the Ils" they would say "of course you can Sgt Saltire, here's the keys"
Wills is a nice lad though, I bumped into him (literally) in St Andrews

UnquietDad · 19/10/2008 16:30

He landed his enormous chopper in Kate Middleton's back meadow.

scaryfucker · 19/10/2008 17:04

sorry saltire, slip of the tongue (wine-induced ), king of Great Britain

see ? not scary at all

irishbird · 19/10/2008 17:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scaryfucker · 19/10/2008 17:08

oh bloody hell

< puts dunces cap on >

Hassled · 19/10/2008 17:10

at Unquiet Dad

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