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madonna and guy to divorce.

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Piffle · 15/10/2008 07:06


OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 15/10/2008 07:10

this one's being doing the rounds (ie daily mail ) for ages, no?

AnAngelWithin · 15/10/2008 14:05

here i think its been brewing for a while

southeastastra · 15/10/2008 14:07

the did seem very mismatched

Spidermama · 15/10/2008 14:10

I never saw that coming.

HeadFairy · 15/10/2008 16:15

Was obvious the moment they kept going on about how they were still together and very much in love.... yeah right! Now where's Fiona Shackleton's phone number?

ladytophamhatt · 15/10/2008 16:18

didn'y guy refuse to sign a pre-nup, saying he wouldn't want her money if they divorced.

He's insane

FioFio · 15/10/2008 16:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Piffle · 15/10/2008 16:29

been formally confirmed
it is rumoured madonna has ms shackleton on speed dial

OP posts:
beanieb · 15/10/2008 17:01

that's sad

donnie · 15/10/2008 17:11

who is madonna?

BloodAndMutts · 15/10/2008 17:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beanieb · 15/10/2008 17:20

no - but I suppose it might be quite sad for the children.

beanieb · 15/10/2008 17:21

Then again - I guess that everyone on here who has been through a break-up with children just sailed through it without any worries?

LynetteScavo · 15/10/2008 17:22

AIBU to be peed off they are divorcing so soon after adopting a child?.........

beanieb · 15/10/2008 17:23

yes YABU Lynette but don't let that stop you!

BloodAndMutts · 15/10/2008 17:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lou33 · 15/10/2008 17:26

according to the daily mail they are indeed divorcing

LynetteScavo · 16/10/2008 12:53

Why do peopel who own loads of different houses, most of them massive need to divorce anyway? Cant they just spend the rest of their lives avoiding each other?

umbungo · 16/10/2008 13:15

i think it must be difficult for her and any man she is with. she is just so successful. the man becomes Mr madonna and its difficult for them to be recognised in their own right.

i doubt he would take any of her money. i think it would be a be issue of pride.

i think their drive for success atracted them to each other, but ultimately took them in different ways.

i know i shouldn't speculate. but sometimes you can't help it.

QueenBeetch · 16/10/2008 13:39

I bet she is hard work to live with.

I don't think they ever patched things up since her affair with Stuart Price.

ClaudiaSchiffer · 16/10/2008 22:00

What what what?

Who is Stuart Price - what affair? How come I don't know about this?

lou33 · 18/10/2008 21:42

he is a producer , it was alleged she had an affair with him a few years ago when they were working on one of her albums

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