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Come flame me for undermining Jennifer Lpoez' triathlon triumph

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chequers · 06/10/2008 09:30

Ok, yes I know she did it for charity, yes I know she did really well, but why the hell is J-Lo claimimg that she did the triathlon for the sake of her twins? They are 6 months old ffs!

"I thought, 'What can I do to make my babies proud.' I think about what they'll think about the year they were born, who I was and what I did.

Good on her for doing it and losing the baby weight and all but saying she's doing it for the sake of her babies is a bit odd to me. Why can't she just say she did it for herself?

G'wan, flame me, you know you want to.

OP posts:
Freddysteddy · 06/10/2008 09:42

No, I agree with you. She's a bint.

LazyLinePainterJane · 07/10/2008 09:28

Would you give two tosses that your mother did a triathlon the year you were born?


Miggsie · 07/10/2008 09:29

If she was that concerned about them she would have actually spent time with them rather than in a gym and on a track.

Ho hum.

MrsMattie · 07/10/2008 09:29

She did it to lose weight, didn't she? Let's be honest?
She didn't lose it as quickly as she'd hoped (ie. in a fortnight) and is now punishing herself with 4 hour daily workouts and fecking triathalons. She wants abs of steel her twins can be proud of!

PuzzleRocks · 07/10/2008 09:34

If you want to be flamed, try saying she is aspirational. I can't stand the silly moo.

wahwah · 07/10/2008 09:35

How mean of you, I offer up every experience for the glorification of my children. A tear inducing poo, that's for you my babies...the washing is done-out of love of my children.

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