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OK OK OK ....... Please give your opinions ....... Males and Females differences?

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RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 20:43


ours is here

theirs is here

What do you think? Agree or diagree?


OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 20:46

old thread

Posted same topic this afternoon but think title wasn't noticed so decided to try again.

OP posts:
actualisedad · 01/03/2005 20:47

What's to disagree with, RT?

But, I guess the real difference between men and women is that women know they need to sit down to pee...

paolosgirl · 01/03/2005 21:03

Have just run this past dh...he confirms that it is a pretty good reflection of the contents of his brain

Loved the female brain...also scarily accurate!

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 21:05

Nothing just wanted to get peoples attention

naughty I know

OP posts:
actualisedad · 01/03/2005 21:09

But RT, shouldn't you be watching television? (As an ER and Desperate Housewives addict, it's my night off)

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 21:11

yes watch and surf at same time muti tasking you see

I am a laydeeeeeeeee

Brat camp

OP posts:
actualisedad · 01/03/2005 21:36

Oh to be able to multi-task...Me, I struggle to task most of the time Case in point: washing up and tidying the kids toys away before dw gets home verses mn...

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 21:40

And I can reverse parallel park perfectly

A large VOLVO estate.

OP posts:
actualisedad · 01/03/2005 21:46

Well that's just showing off, RT.

I can't park at all, unless I have a bloody long run in, preferably with a man waving two table-tennis bats (or whatever it is they use at airports) guiding me in...

Opel Zafira.

Don't tell DaddyCool and Happydaddy

MistressMary · 01/03/2005 21:50

The Male Brain

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 21:58


I know I know

but it is

OP posts:
kama · 01/03/2005 22:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:15


OP posts:
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