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Utterly bizarre sleb relationships

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LemonyAle · 02/10/2008 22:57

Watching Question Time - Janet Street Porter is on and DH has just muttered "poor Normski". I had forgotten about JSP's dalliance with Normski, which led me on to thinking about:

Lembit Opik MP & Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia

Courtney Love & Steve Coogan

As my mum would say, you couldn't make it up - any other contenders for slebdom's most unlikely twosomes?

PS Also, JSP seems to be morphing into Amanda Platell

OP posts:
hellsbells76 · 02/10/2008 23:08

john major/edwina currie (ICK)
sophie dahl/jamie cullen (that's purely a 'snigger at the height difference' thing for me)

mabanana · 02/10/2008 23:10

I'm totally unconvinced by Liz Hurley and Arun thingy.

LemonyAle · 02/10/2008 23:33

OMG hellsbells - Major/Currie! [boke]
has unwelcome 'Spitting Image' flashbacks

OP posts:
Majeika · 02/10/2008 23:34

catherine zeta jones/michael douglas!

LemonyAle · 02/10/2008 23:41

Ha ha majeika - "whatever attracted you to 80 year old millionaire Michael Douglas" etc

I was about to throw Kelly Hoppen/Sol Campbell into the mix, but in all fairness to Sol it may well be that he's keen on interior design

OP posts:
Majeika · 02/10/2008 23:43

lol - mrs merton -

TheNinkynork · 02/10/2008 23:47

Michael Jackson and anyone.

LemonyAle · 02/10/2008 23:56

Lol loving this thread

Majeika Caroline Aherne is a comedy goddess

Ninky - damn right. MJ + Lisa Presley was just wtf? No amount of therapy in the world could get to the bottom of that one.

Mabanana - kwym about Liz 'n' Arun. Creepy & airbrushed. Got to say I've got my doubts about "Brangelina" too...

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