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Shepperton - lost rabbit comforter / doudou (beigey yellow colour) Thurs 25 Sept

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dearbeatrice · 25/09/2008 21:39

My 7 month old ds loves this rabbit - long ears and a beige colour 'blanket bit' that sort of drapes with 'button hole' type bits on each corner of the blanket

would be really grateful if anyone reading this would forward it to friends / relatives in Shepperton

We've retraced steps but think this fell out of the pushchair in the High Street area early afternoon and only realised when it came to bedtime!

thanks for reading

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dearbeatrice · 25/09/2008 22:19

i got it wrong, no buttonhole corners - here is a picture link- again thanks if anyone can shed any light (am also contacting the company now i've found the link but would like to find the original bunny for sentimental reasons)


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dearbeatrice · 02/10/2008 20:16

good news for us - following a poster campaign (!) and the help of our library and a community centre, a kind person found rabbit. Our teething 8 month old can't chew on rabbit's ears any more, as I think they were chewed by something bigger on his big adventure.. he was also v. muddy.

But a 90 wash with stain remover has got him nice and clean, and we're going to sew up what's left of his ears. At least he's back for sentimentality and cuddling purposes!

Hope everybody else's missing toys turn up - this was a week on, so don't give up hope!

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