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Sarah Kennedy is ANCIENT shocker!

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Aitch · 22/09/2008 20:20

...and isn't that the cardie that disenchannted or bumper or some other MNer was having to be persuaded out of buying? does this pic help at all?

game for a nap

OP posts:
SlartyBartFast · 22/09/2008 21:36

ha ha the boyfriend is absolutely steeling himself

georgimama · 22/09/2008 21:41

Henry Kelly isn't dead, just not on classic fm anymore (hasn't been for years actually) not sure why, must ask my cousin who does their traffic and travel if she knows why.

mabanana · 22/09/2008 21:46

The daily mail is not at all backward in slagging off middle-aged males too, you know
brace yourselves ladies

It IS that cardigan, isn't it?

Aitch · 22/09/2008 21:51

it is. who wanted it? we must shame her.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 22/09/2008 21:51

I was at a BBC function years ago and she was just the same as she is now. She seemed pissed. Her bf had to help her back into her chair etc. She scared me.

DumbledoresGirl · 22/09/2008 21:54

That pic of Rod Stewart in speedos and a handkerchief on his head is hysterical.

As is the one of Peter Stringfellow in a thong.

What a laugh!

MrsJohnCusack · 22/09/2008 21:57

it jolly well is that cardigan
HK I believe may have left classic fm etc. because he may, alledgedly, be a bit of a piss head. So I have been told. Obv this is only hearsay

mabanana · 22/09/2008 22:06


PuppyMonkey · 22/09/2008 22:09

Sleb twaddle??? Brilliant!

skyatnight · 22/09/2008 22:11

Not commenting on her senility. She's got a lot of sun-damage, though.

mabanana · 22/09/2008 22:16

the cardi in question
I think Lapin wanted it but was persuaded not to buy it - whew!

BreevandercampLGJ · 22/09/2008 22:20

She looks like someone with an eating disorder.

How very judgmental we are....

WendyWeber · 22/09/2008 22:26

The middle-aged male the Mail mostly has it in for is lovely Pierce - they have a thing in about his "jelly belly" about once a fortnight. (I especially love the spill down the front of his shirt - I do that all the time - it's a consequence of the jelly belly )

They are Utter Tossers.

(If any of you have anecdotes to prove that he isn't lovely, please don't spoil it for me )

Buda · 22/09/2008 22:27

I think she just looks very ill.

mabanana · 22/09/2008 22:29

I hear he is lovely - really! Know someone who was at his wedding (in a professional capacity) who said he was very kind and thoughtful and not at all diva-ish.
Agree, his belly is investigated at least once a month.

PuppyMonkey · 22/09/2008 22:29

Something going on with the cheekbone... or facelift... has she had surgery? Just opened the link....

TheFallenMadonna · 22/09/2008 22:30

So the story is 58 year old woman looks older than she did 25 years ago?

Marina · 22/09/2008 22:37

I think I'm not going to be very good at doing Sleb Twaddle (excellent topic title) because even though I find Sarah Kennedy's presenter skills annoying and sometimes offensive, I hate this sort of article much more . The DM can be so hateful sometimes.
She looks ill. Pierce Brosnan on the other hand, looks perfectly fine to me . Just don't sing please Pierce.

Aitch · 22/09/2008 22:38

oh stop. it's about the cardigan. lapin's flouncing in active convos.

OP posts:
littlelapin · 22/09/2008 22:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aitch · 22/09/2008 22:41

as mad racist dipso middle aged women.

OP posts:
littlelapin · 22/09/2008 22:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFallenMadonna · 22/09/2008 22:42

Lapin - you are middle aged

SK is old...

Aitch · 22/09/2008 22:42

finds a nut and the nut was good.

OP posts:
Rowlers · 22/09/2008 22:44

It's ET in a cardy

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