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Recommend me a vacuum cleaner

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NCTDN · 25/07/2023 14:15

Got to be the most boring party ever I know, but what make would you recommend? Our Dyson had stopped working though prob15 years old.
We've got wood floors and carpet.

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Whoknowswhatanymore · 25/07/2023 22:15

We had a dyson v8 for 7 years and it was faultless until it packed up and after much research Jinny decided on vax cordless best in range pet edition. I hate it and hubby isn’t fond of it either. Just don’t feel it picks up well at all. And constantly having to remove the battery and charge it whereas the Dyson charger fixed to the wall and the hoover just slotted on. I just get my corded dyson out now as I can’t be bothered with the vax and the corded makes me feel like I’ve actually hoovered the room!

Whoknowswhatanymore · 25/07/2023 22:16

Jinny should say hubby lol! 🤣

dogsweetdog · 25/07/2023 22:27

Why are some sharks amazing and mine (from day one really) has had crap suction. It gets dust up, but bits of grit just clatter about in the tube then fall out onto the floor when I switch it off 🙄

decaffonlypls · 26/07/2023 01:58

Genuinely don't get the love for shark ours broke after few months (it was distinctly average before that) shark have a strict no refund policy so after ages on the phon troubleshooting they sent a new one out. 6 months later it broke so got a replacement part and again a few months later by the time we were on our fifth conversation with shark I gave up and next time it broke bought a Henry who is fabulous. (Although a total drama llama)

The anti hair wrap technology was such a lie Im confident i could have sued them and won.

Nat6999 · 26/07/2023 02:43

Shark, but be aware the lift away ones are in my opinion, heavier than Dysons. The cordless stick ones are good, especially if you buy direct from Shark & get an extra battery on offer.

Skinnybluebody · 26/07/2023 03:31

Dyson small ball multi floor. Amazing hoover 🙂

DeathMetalMum · 26/07/2023 07:44

We have a sebo felix. It's compact but great suction, fairly light, cord is really long. I can hoover whole house with it plugged in one plug socket -only two bed but still don't need to change plugs half way through. Best thing is it has a bag so I just lift the bag and it goes in the bin. After many bagless hoovers and constantly having to clean filters, getting covered in dust emptying the thing it's so much easier.

Scrumbleton · 26/07/2023 10:41

replaced my Dyson with a Shark which is excellent but v v heavy

NCTDN · 12/08/2023 10:22

Not yet bought one - off to look at them all today- exciting I know!

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