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Teddy bear lost at Willows Farm Park, Herts, on 20th Feb 08 - HELP!!

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christmasoompa · 26/02/2008 09:30

My 3 year olds beloved teddy bear (brown with a red tartan bow) was lost at Willows Farm Park in Hertfordshire on Wednesday 20th Feb - half term. She is distraught and still so upset without him. As soon as we realised he had gone we went straight back to where we left him but he'd already gone and hasn't been handed in by anybody so can only assume that he's been taken by another child.

If by any chance anybody visited on that day and has since noticed their child with an unfamiliar soft toy (or saw the teddy on the day), please let me know!! I would be eternally grateful and will pay for your family to have another day out at Willows Farm as a thank you.

Thanks for any help anybody can give.

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christmasoompa · 26/02/2008 09:33

Sorry, I should have said before anybody else suggests it that we have got a replacement for him, we bought it shortly after we realised how attached to him she was so she's got another one that is the same. BUT......he doesn't look remotely similar as her original bear was so, so loved and had been with her since birth so he was very threadbare!! We've already given her the new bear but she's not remotely convinced and didn't even recognise him so we really need to try everything we can to get the original back.

Thanks all!

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guineamango · 04/03/2008 21:18

oh no how awful! My DD has a beloved bear that I fear losing on a daily basis. I hope you can find yours soon.

christmasoompa · 09/05/2008 13:19

Thanks. He's still lost though and she still cries for him, it's just awful! We didn't even normally let her take him out just in case we lost him, it was only because it was her little brothers 1st bday that we let her as a special treat and then we lost him - ARRGH!!

I don't understand where on earth he went, it must have been either another child that picked him up and took him home (but then I can't understand why the mother didn't return him straight away as it's very obviously he was much loved!) or a bigger child might have chucked him in a bin as a joke.

Sadly, I don't think we'll ever get him back so make sure your DD hangs on to her beloved bear!

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cazfriend · 27/08/2008 21:23

Please,please,please can anyone help my three year old son has lost his tesco hugging friends 05 range flat teddy,it was lost at dungeness beach in kent on 14th august 2008 near the board walk,i have put a ad in the local paper and left tel number with various people,i have contacted tesco head office who have been fab so far and are tryig to hunt one down but could take up to four weeks,ive looked on ebay where theirs a rabbit but they never have the flat teddy,i have told my distraught son a mermaid has found it and has taken him for a little holiday !!!! please i hope someone can help

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