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Where’s the best info?

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Windercar · 13/07/2023 13:48

Apart from here of course!

My best mate is having a baby and has asked where she can go for reliable but interesting (not dulll) info, it’s been too many years since mine to know what’s up to date!! What does everyone else do?

there’s so much out there it’s hard to cut through the crap!

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MenArentMindReaders · 13/07/2023 13:50

Info on what? What does everyone else do for what?

Windercar · 13/07/2023 14:17

As above, having a new baby, being a new mum. She can’t afford to pay for NCT so I just wanted to help her by recommending good websites or content.

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ComtesseDeSpair · 13/07/2023 14:29

Are there any local pregnancy yoga classes or the like in her area? I may be way off base but I accidentally took a session once as a non-pregnant childfree woman who can’t read door signs and the instructor was a former midwife who also answered any questions about pregnancy and maternity and newborn care. (Part of me wanted to go back for more sessions, it was much more soothing and relaxing than the regular yoga class!)

Windercar · 13/07/2023 19:10

That’s a good idea, thanks!

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