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Things to do in Dublin with kids

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clpsmum · 12/07/2023 20:48

Planning on taking 3 dc young teens to Dublin but not sure what to do anyone any suggestions? One of my dc is disabled with learning difficulties so doesn't have to be age appropriate as long as the other two can tag along so ideally not soft play

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LookItsMeAgain · 12/07/2023 20:52

I'm not sure if it's back up and running since Covid but if it is, go on the Viking Splash.

Also you might get a bus to Emerald Park (used to be called Tayto Park) and there may be things to do there.

There's always Dublin Zoo, EPIC museum and Windmill Lane studios (Not sure if they do a tour).

unicornhair · 12/07/2023 20:55

The natural history museum (the dead zoo!)

clpsmum · 12/07/2023 20:58

Was looking at emeral park looks like could fill a full day there. Will look at other options thank you. Does anyone know if you can hire a car once you get to airport or if you have to precook beforehand?

OP posts:
TakingTheLowRoad · 12/07/2023 21:11

Dublin is incredibly busy so if you really want a car I’d prebook for the best prices, baring on mind it is expensive to hire a car. BUT if you’re staying in the city centre I wouldn’t bother tbh. There is a direct bus from Busaras (the main bus station) to Emerald Park that goes early/late enough for a full day. Public transport is straightforward and there are options from getting to and from the airport.

afromom · 12/07/2023 21:23

Did unpin Zoo is great and in a park too. OU can catch a bus. Beware if you are there on a Monday most maw ms are closed (or were when we went pre covid.
Depending how long you are there there's a quick train to Belfast from Dublin too.

LookItsMeAgain · 12/07/2023 21:25

Just a tip, if you're going to be using public transport, get a couple of Leap cards (or just one) and get credit added to it. Trips are cheaper if you use them over cash and drivers don't take notes on buses, only Euro coins.

clpsmum · 12/07/2023 21:41

Thank you so much everyone xx

OP posts:
42wordsfordrizzle · 12/07/2023 22:21

Easy to get out to a seaside town on the local train, the DART, for a walk, swim or just ice cream - Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dunleary) is nice, or Malahide or Howth.

The Viking Splash is running - lots of fun, amphibious vehicles which do a city tour and go into the canal too.

Dublinia is a museum for hands on history of Viking and medieval Dublin.

You can rent bikes in the Phoenix Park, including tandems, very safe for cycling. You can combine with a visit to the Zoo, as its in the Phoenix Park.

The National museums are free - 3 in city centre with different themes, Kildare St is my favourite, from Celtic gold and bog bodies there should be something to appeal to your kids.

clpsmum · 13/07/2023 00:40

Filling thank you so much xx

OP posts:
LookItsMeAgain · 14/07/2023 12:13

Another thing that you could do is hop on the DART out to Bray (which is in Co. Wicklow) have a walk along the sea front, spend a few euro in the amusement arcades and then head back to wherever you're staying.

There are loads of cinema complexes around Dublin so if you're coming and the weather is a bit iffy, you might want to catch a movie. In the city centre, there is the Savoy cinema on O'Connell Street. If you get the bus/Luas out to Dundrum there is Movies At (they have a website Just some alternatives.

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