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Sadlysadsad · 12/07/2023 20:22

So, I have a through lounge to the kitchen. The house is white downstairs (we have moved in) which I find really harsh. I want to paint the same colour in the front room and through to the kitchen, so it’s all the same.

I have a silver grey settee and I’m getting a mid grey carpet. The kitchen is Matt units in grey. So I need a colour that goes with that.

Front room can be very gloomy.

I wanted Elephants Breath, but a sample of it in the room is way too dark, and skimming stone is too grey.

My friend has suggested Timeless or Natural Hessian. I really like Natural Hessian, but will it go with all that grey, especially in the kitchen? All the paintwork is white gloss and ceilings are white, but I’m really struggling.

I don’t want white really, I had hoped for a warmer colour, but they just don’t match with the colours here (I would not have put a grey kitchen in but there you go)

After years of rented I can’t face Magnolia either

Please help me with some ideas!!

OP posts:
Jonnycakes · 12/07/2023 20:24

We used valspar magic touch throughout which is a hint of grey and it’s lovely. Not too dark and I think it’s quite warm too.

HuntingoftheSnark · 12/07/2023 20:27

I have Egyptian Cotton and really like it - warn toned.

Sadlysadsad · 12/07/2023 20:28

It has to be something that will go with grey kitchen units, and grey carpet/settee. Unfortunately the settee can’t be changed!!

OP posts:
bonfirebash · 12/07/2023 20:44

Dulux white cotton?

bonfirebash · 12/07/2023 20:45

Or dulux rock salt is a grey tinged white, nicer than it sounds!

DappledThings · 12/07/2023 20:47

I'd go with a nice green.

NeedToBookAGetaway · 12/07/2023 20:49

What about a sagey green? Not as dark as olive.

yummyscummymummy01 · 12/07/2023 20:51

Definitely agree with green. Mizzle by Farrow and Ball is lovely?

sopeas · 12/07/2023 20:51

Another vote for for sage green ☺️

FoodFann · 12/07/2023 20:52

Each to their own, but you’re rejecting magnolia in favour of various grey or cream shades. How about some colour, such as the blue shade attached. Maybe denim drift or similar.

DappledThings · 12/07/2023 20:54

Yes a Denim Drift kind of blue would be lovely too.

semideponent · 12/07/2023 20:56

I moved from skimming stone to shaded white.

However, I'd add that it really matters which way your rooms face. Also that a dark colour can function as a neutral. It sounds like you have lots of grey in there, How about radicchio?

dontgobaconmyheart · 12/07/2023 20:57

I'd be inclined to go with a greige to add a bit of tonal variety.

I used Timeless when we moved in here as a sort of interim paint-it-everywhere after fresh plaster situation and it is a nice neutral shade- but I do find it pulls a bit green in certain lights.

We've got Craig and Rose pipe clay in a couple of rooms at home and that's a really nice neutral greige that would gp well with grey.

We've also got Dulux heritage Stone Green in a couple of rooms and that's a really nice green/grey. Regardless of colour I thoroughly recommend the Dulux Heritage paint- by far the best I've used and knocks spots off F&B etc. It gives a really nice, luxurious finish.

Bluevelvetsofa · 12/07/2023 20:58

Rock Salt is lovely. We have Wild Wonder too, which will go with the grey.

Sadlysadsad · 12/07/2023 21:08

So I (think) my front room faces North? And the kitchen South?
The front room can be quite a dark gloomy room and the kitchen is lovely and bright.

I’m worried if I go Greige along with all the grey kitchen/furniture/carpet that I am going to look like I’m living in the house that happiness goes to to die.
I don’t have much choice over the carpet, kids and dogs mean that lovely light carpets are out, grey is best for that side of things.

I thought it would be easy with a natural Hessian but I don’t think that’s going to work.

Im really unadventurous with colour, I don’t have that ability to know what “goes” it always seems to look a bit rubbish.

OP posts:
Spinningaround18 · 12/07/2023 21:10

Artane or Clontarf from B&q!

Spendonsend · 12/07/2023 21:10

I'd go a proper colour. It depends a bit the tone of the greys .

lilacy colours are look to be coming in.

Imtoooldforallthis · 12/07/2023 21:13

Have a look at nutmeg white, a light neutral with a very very slight pink to it.

DappledThings · 12/07/2023 21:14

I'd definitely go with a colour to lift that grey. Grey goes with anything, you can't really go wrong. Any of those neutral colours like white or hessian or griege or whatever are going to look dull with everything else grey

Spendonsend · 12/07/2023 21:20

I have dulux bright skies in a room with grey curtains and rug.

LittleBumblebee3 · 12/07/2023 21:22

We moved into a house with a lot of grey in which we couldn’t afford to change (bathrooms and kitchen). The previous owners had grey walls and flooring throughout too which definitely made it feel very cold!

We lifted the grey with some colour - Dulux Denim Drift (a blue), Dulux Tranquil Dawn (a greeny grey but definitely looks more green next to grey 😊) and F&B Sulking Room Pink 😊

ComputerInitiateJump · 12/07/2023 21:24

How about a pale terracotta to warm it up a bit. It's lovely with grey and hessian.

Sadlysadsad · 12/07/2023 21:25

I’m really scared to go with colour if I’m honest. I don’t have an eye for it at all, but I wondered if a pinky white would work? Or would that just look like I’ve plastered the walls?

OP posts:
Calloffruity · 12/07/2023 21:26

DappledThings · 12/07/2023 21:14

I'd definitely go with a colour to lift that grey. Grey goes with anything, you can't really go wrong. Any of those neutral colours like white or hessian or griege or whatever are going to look dull with everything else grey

This. Whatever you do ignore the suggestions of rock salt etc! It'd look so dreary.

N0ëlle · 12/07/2023 21:26

toasted almond is lovely, have it in my kitchen. I would honestly repaint in the same colour and might do the sitting room toasted almond as well. my sitting room is white, i thought it'd be all scandinavian, but it just looks boring.

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