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Need a dress for my dad's wedding!

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thirtyfivethirtyeight · 12/07/2023 20:12

I sometimes see these threads pop up and I wonder if anyone can help me find a dress to wear for my dad's wedding.

I'm 5ft 1, size 16 with big boobs and I'm self conscious about my stomach! I would like a thin material (like maybe cotton) wrap dress, long with sleeves. I really like this one pictured but all the reviews say it's very 'booby' and the leg split is a bit mad too.

Haven't got a huge budget, probs £50-70. Colours-wise, I'm open to most reds, navy, nice patterns etc. I avoid browns and greens.

If anyone has any ideas of places to look, I'd be so grateful.

Need a dress for my dad's wedding!
OP posts:
24Dogcuddler · 13/07/2023 07:03

Happy shopping 😊

Nagado · 13/07/2023 07:51

I’ve got loads of Scarlett & Jo dresses, they’re perfect for weddings. Highly recommended.

CMOTDibbler · 13/07/2023 09:03

Have a look at Fairlie Curved - they have some lovely dresses which are cut for bigger busts

thirtyfivethirtyeight · 13/07/2023 23:17

Oh many links. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow looking through them all. Thank you so much everyone!

OP posts:
Epicstorm · 14/07/2023 18:37

Look on EBay if you like Scarlett & Joe. I got one which I wore for a wedding for £23. It was new with tags.

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