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40th Birthday Ideas...

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LLc2015 · 12/07/2023 09:25

Hi All,

My sister is turning 40 in October. She is the oldest of the siblings so we have nothing to compare to. I would like to do something 'different' but have no idea where to start.

Budget is not huge but willing to pay for a good experience.

She has made it clear she does not want a party. She is very sociable with a large group of friends so this would have been the go to plan. I am also thinking she has said she does not want a party as she believes no one would think to actually organise it for her but I could be wrong.

We often to go bottomless brunch which we always enjoy so could possibly arrange this but it wont be special.

She is married but no children. Her DH has never been very active at organising things and often leaves things to the last minute so between us we need to organise a plan.

What did you do for your 40th? Would you hate a surprise party after saying you did not want one?

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Bringonthepitchforks · 12/07/2023 10:02

Depending how many of you there are it can be fairly inexpensive to hire a cottage/air BnB with costs shared per person. Go away for a few days and relax? If you go somewhere touristy or known for nice places to eat or a theatre even better.

Mintearo7 · 12/07/2023 10:45

Some of my best memorable nights out have been Karaoke. Maybe you could hire a private room? It’s kind of a party but not, and would suit her sociable nature. I think it’s cheaper than doing something involving dinner as you can organise later in the evening and just order snacks for the guests. Yes I would hate a surprise party after saying I didn’t want one. Other idea I had was murder mystery weekend.

coodawoodashooda · 12/07/2023 15:38

Flying lesson, swim with sharks, theatre, diamond, painting

BunnyBettChetwynd · 12/07/2023 16:05

If I'd said I'd hate a surprise party I definitely wouldn't want one.

Me and three of my friends are 60 next year. We don't want parties but are going to make a list of 12 things we all want to do and do one a month, that way our whole year will be special and we'll have months of memories to look back on. E.g. afternoon tea at a nice hotel, a trip to a grand house, an outdoor film screening, a SUP lesson etc.

Moredarkchocolateplease · 12/07/2023 16:09

The idea of a surprise party would make me feel sick, definitely don't do that!

DH took me to a Michelin star restaurant that I'd been to many years earlier before I'd met him (I suggested it), it was such a treat to go back and the truffle risotto taste will stay in my mind forever.

So rather than a bottomless brunch, go for an amazing lunch somewhere with proper champagne or cocktails rather than cheap prosecco/sugary cocktails (obviously dependent on budget!)

LLc2015 · 14/07/2023 08:58

Thank you for the ideas. The surpise party will not be happening so a nice lunch will be a good plan.

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