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What places are good for a grad to live in if they move to stirling for a job?

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baffledbaoutmycareer · 11/07/2023 22:26

just received job offer for stirling
it's 35k
any places to live in you recommend for a recent uni grad?

OP posts:
Saz12 · 11/07/2023 23:09

Where is s/he working? I assume for £35k as a new graduate in Stirling itself itll be at the Pru or business park? In which case its v near the park and ride.

Top of the town (around the Castle) can be a bit grim, although its probably where Id choose if I didnt have a car (no parking!), didnt want to share (its relatively affordable) and I wanted to be in town. Dunno if air BnB has changed the cost now though.
The area around Tesco is v studenty. Kings Park is v expensive. Raploch has reputation as being rough as fuck but in reality has changed a lot. Riverside, Cornton, etc I dont rrally know. Braehead always seems a bit dull. I quite like Denny, but in DC position Id rather be in town.
Outside Stirling, Cambusbarron is nice, just about walkable home from Stirling but would be better with a car. Difficult to meet people locally as isnt big. Bridge of Allan (where uni is), and Dunblane both nice but more like small towns and expensive.

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