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Kids kindle - is the book selection any good for 6 year old?

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Flowersforbees · 11/07/2023 20:10

I'm wondering about whether to get my child a kindle on prime deal.

It comes with a year of Amazon kids membership but I don't seem able to find what kind of books are available.

Are there simple chapter books suitable for a 6 year old? She has found reading a little difficult but I think it's starting to click. So kind of rainbow fairies level.

Also is it easy to navigate for a tech starved child?

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Flowersforbees · 11/07/2023 20:40

Bump, I fear this has already fallen off the bottom of the chat page Grin

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BigFatLiar · 11/07/2023 20:50

Have you had a look on amazon to see what books there are? Just search kindle kids books, see if they're suitable for her.

Flowersforbees · 11/07/2023 21:07

I've tried to look but I wasn't sure what was included for free in the kids plus package.

I've had kindle unlimited before and found it a bit annoying as most titles I wanted weren't included, just obscure books.

If most kids books are included I think it will be ok.

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Flowersforbees · 12/07/2023 08:49

Bump for the morning.

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