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Patient transport - is this usual?)

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Sugarplumfury · 11/07/2023 18:26

I’ve not used patient transport before so I’ve no idea what’s usual. Hospital told me to wait till a week before phoning to try book. Phoned today - appt (day case) is next Tuesday and recorded message said they’re not taking booking for appointments beyond the next 3 days.

If I phone on Friday it will be 4 days before not 3. If I phone Monday if I don’t get a booking, I’m stuffed. Do they usually only book patients in 3 days before appt or are the ambulance service here struggling so much I’m unlikely to get one sorted?

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Zepherine · 11/07/2023 19:15

I wouldn't count the weekend as booking days.

Augend23 · 11/07/2023 19:17

I'd assume it meant working days and ring them on Thursday.

Augend23 · 11/07/2023 19:17

(assuming the phone line is definitely not open on weekends)

GameofStrife · 11/07/2023 19:18

Ring Thursday but be prepared to ring again on Monday xx

Sugarplumfury · 11/07/2023 23:13

Thanks. I didn’t know whether weekends counted as some outpatient clinics run on weekends here sometimes. I’ll definitely phone Thurs now though.

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