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Another A and E one - Allergic reaction

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Katrinawaves · 11/07/2023 14:22

I am currently waiting to be seen in A and E but wondering whether I need to stay at this point.

I had a sudden dramatic allergic reaction to something around 12 o’clock. I got a bright red hot rash all over my lips were swelling and tingly, my eyes were closing and I felt dizzy and drowsy. I went to local pharmacist who gave me an anti histamine but also told me to go to A and E

i took the anti histamine about 90 mins ago and the rash has lost its colour but my skin still feels hot and tight. Mouth still tingly but lips no longer swelling and eyes not closing. I feel a bit wiped out and headachy but no longer dizzy or drowsy.

Obviously the anti histamine has helped a lot though not completely got rid of the symptoms. So do I stay or go? According to the packet I can’t take another one today but if my symptoms stay like this I’m just uncomfortable not in any danger.

For those with allergies - what should I do. The posted wait is 6 hours and I don’t want to clog up a queue for others if I no longer need to be seen. NHS website suggests there can be a rebound a little while after taking an anti histamine but not sure how long afterwards and whether I’m now in the safe zone!

OP posts:
ComeTheFckOnBridget · 11/07/2023 14:25

Definitely stay. Severe allergic reactions are unpredictable and can reoccur spontaneously over the next 48hrs. You do need to be seen so I'm afraid you must suffer the wait - hope it's not too long.

CountryStore · 11/07/2023 14:25

Stay. You could have a biphasic reaction, where the swelling worsens again. Your airway could be compromised. You will probably be given some steroid tablets when you are seen, which will dampen down the immune response.

megletthesecond · 11/07/2023 14:27

Stay. It can flare up again.
Make sure you see a GP / allergy specialist as soon as possible. Even try and get epi-pens, my DS was prescribed them after a reaction but before ever seeing an allergy specialist.

CharlotteFlax · 11/07/2023 14:50

Ditto everyone else.

Please stay and get actual medical advice. You're in the right place.

Remotecontrolatmyside · 11/07/2023 15:48

Of course you stay. If it's affecting your mouth you could swell up further which could impact on your breathing. You're in the best place.

Katrinawaves · 11/07/2023 16:43

Thanks all. I did stay and was seen within about 4 hours of first arriving. It was a bit underwhelming to be honest.

Was seen by an ANP who listened to my chest, looked at the AH I had taken and said that was the one she would have prescribed for me and was surprised I’d been given it OTC. Told me to go keep taking it for 7 days to let whatever I had reacted to clear my system and sent me on my way.

Can’t say I was massively reassured by her but I’ll keep an eye on things tonight obviously and if the worst symptoms recur or my breathing gets laboured I’ll go back and get checked again.

OP posts:
JenniferBarkley · 11/07/2023 16:49

Do you have a known allergy? If not I'd ask your GP for a referral. I don't know if it's different with kids, but my DC had a milder reaction to peanuts and now has epipens. You need to take this seriously IMO.

Beamur · 11/07/2023 16:52

Contact your GP for blood tests. Get some liquid antihistamines in as they work faster..

Katrinawaves · 11/07/2023 19:44

I’m allergic to molluscs but definitely didn’t having anything containing them today and have a different reaction when I eat them in any case. Also allergic to penicillin but am not taking any antibiotics at the moment. No other known allergies.

OP posts:
Cherrysoup · 11/07/2023 20:02

Happened to me a couple of months ago, airway was closing, raised red itchy rash all over, was scary. They took one look at me in A&E and kept me in for 2 days. Fun times.

Cherrysoup · 11/07/2023 20:04

PS I have no allergies.

BlueThursday · 11/07/2023 20:19

Allergies can happen at any age.

I didn’t need epipens till I was 35

take this as a warning shot and get a referral to an allergy clinic asap

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