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Tell me the best disabled-friendly events/days out

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CosyCoffee · 11/07/2023 10:54

I went to an outdoor concert at the weekend, we'd bought tickets on the accessible platform as I use a mobility scooter. The point of the platform is that it's raised so the people who can't stand up don't have their view obstructed. Unfortunately there were people on the platform (some carers and family of disabled, one a lady with a stick) who proceeded to stand and block the view. We mentioned it to a steward but he didn't do anything about it. There was one disabled toilet next to the platform- unfortunately non-disabled people (or at least ones who hadn't got accessible tickets) were joining the queue and I saw one wheelchair user wait for ages while able bodied people went ahead of her. Again, the stewards stood by.

At the end of the performance I wanted to buy a t shirt, but the merchandise stalls were the opposite side of the field to the accessible area (there were food stalls next to us though) and my scooter couldn't cope with the rough muddy ground so I couldn't get one.

So rather a frustrating occasion (although I enjoyed the performance), which could have been so much easier for the disabled people in attendance if just a little thought had been given to things. Which made me wonder which events, festivals, days out etc are best for disabled people, and what would others recommend?

My recommendations are nature reserves and forests that hire out nice big scooters - particularly Trampers. I've had a great time going round the Wyre Forest, Woseley nature reserve in Cannock and the Queen Elizabeth Forest park in Scotland where I was able to see red squirrels. Indoor shopping centres are great for accessibility of course as they're all flat and smooth but I prefer outlet type places like The Valley in Evesham, where everything is level and there are no kerbs etc but it's outside.

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Quisquam · 11/07/2023 11:01

DH took DD to Wembley to see a match. He rang up in advance to ask if he could take a drink in with him - in case he had to give her medication. They gave him fantastic seats, heavily discounted - he might have been free as her carer? He said he was able to drive into the blue badge spaces, right near the entrance. At the end of the match, he was able to get back to the car, and drive straight out in about 15 minutes.

All in all, it was fantastic! She doesn’t use a wheelchair routinely, so he couldn’t comment on wheelchair accessibility.

CosyCoffee · 11/07/2023 11:14

@Quisquam that sounds more like it! Yes, some places do allow a carer to go free or at a reduced rate - the venue I was describing (Telford QE Arena) didn't though.

I will add Wembley to the good list.

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