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Beach holiday recommendations please in the north of France

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choppingbored · 10/07/2023 21:10

Planning a holiday in France. Will be arriving by train from another European country into Paris, where we can hire a car to drive to the coast. At the moment we're thinking somewhere in Normandy as it seems to be a shorter car journey from Paris than to Brittany.

We want a week at the beach to relax, read, go for walks, enjoy the scenery, eat good food etc. We speak French so it doesn't need to be an overly Anglophone-tourist-heavy area. Ideally we would like a town at a nice beach with some shops, restaurants and life to it. Nothing extremely rural. A major plus if there is a nice bakery for fresh bread and treats!

Have tried looking online to find somewhere but it's overwhelming, so any recommendations would be welcome please! Smile

OP posts:
BennyBlancofromtheBronx · 10/07/2023 21:17

I think Le Touquet would fit your bill.

Chersfrozenface · 10/07/2023 21:24

If you went to Le Touquet you could also visit Montreuil-sur-Mer, "La Destination Gastronique".

SwedishEdith · 10/07/2023 21:31

Wimereux. Has everything you need and you can walk to other towns and beaches. It's lovely. Also Wissant is similar.

cherryassam · 10/07/2023 21:51

We really enjoyed Étretat, stayed at Hotel Dormy House.

jamaisjedors · 10/07/2023 22:04

Barneville-carteret is absolutely gorgeous. Or port bail nearby.

Welshfiver · 10/07/2023 22:12

We went to Deauville recently. V nice if a bit pricey. Can go to Honfleur too for a day which is lovely.

cocksstrideintheevening · 10/07/2023 22:22

Le touquet, but the weather can be shit.

choppingbored · 11/07/2023 10:12

Thanks for your suggestions so far! If anyone else has ideas would appreciate them Smile

OP posts:
MissAmbrosia · 11/07/2023 10:13

We spent a week in Cabourg a few years back. Gorgeous beach, lots of places to eat.

MissAmbrosia · 11/07/2023 10:15

Stop at Giverny on the way

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