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Advice please - I've been scammed

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Imverygullible · 10/07/2023 17:55

Firstly, I know I've been stupid and gullible but I need advice on any action I now need to take.

I got a fake (but convincing) notification from facebook last night telling me my business page had been unpublished and I then followed a link where I had to upload a picture of my passport and change my password. My facebook then got hacked. Facebook notified me I'd been hacked and I got my account restored and changed passwords etc.

However the scammers now have a photo of my passport - the photo page with passport number etc. What should I do next? Do I go to the police in case someone steals my identity? Or contact my bank? What is the best course of action please - I don't know what I need to do and googling hasn't thrown up any practical advice. I don't want to waste police time but feel like I should report it to someone. Thanks for any advice and please don't tell me I've been gullible because I know I have!

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Flickersy · 10/07/2023 17:59

Cancel your passport (report it as stolen) and get a new one, in the meantime report it to ActionFraud.

Flickersy · 10/07/2023 18:00

And change and strengthen all your passwords on everything. Add two-factor authentication. Email, banking, subscription services, shopping sites, social media - everything.

Imverygullible · 10/07/2023 18:08

Thanks @Flickersy - super helpful!

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