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ROMFORD - I have a day and an evening to fill, what can I do?

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Longingforthesummer · 10/07/2023 15:47

So will be in Romford in a week or so. I have a Saturday night to fill and a Sunday whole day to fill. So what can I do?

Love to see a local show, play etc. any local theatres nearby (Don't want to head to London) or anything else to do in the evening.

Plus Sunday daytime - a whole day to fill, anywhere to head out to that's not too far to travel perhaps?

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Longingforthesummer · 10/07/2023 15:48

The Brookside Theatre doesnt have anything on on the weekend we are going

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Peanutbutteryday · 10/07/2023 20:03

Will you have a car or public transport only?

UncomfortableSilence · 10/07/2023 20:06

Could see if The Queens Theatre in Hornchurch has anything on, that's close by. Plenty of decent places to eat near there too.

Smellypup · 10/07/2023 20:10

Queens Theatre in Hornchurch. Lots of places to eat there too.

Rapheals Park in Romford is nice.

ScarletWitchM · 10/07/2023 20:12

Get on a train and leave Romford! You can get to Barking and take the tube into Central London easily

Longingforthesummer · 10/07/2023 21:17

Have the car but happy to go public transport etc

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Peanutbutteryday · 10/07/2023 21:22

On Sunday you could consider Fairlop waters or Hainault forest if you want a walk. or you could take the 66 bus to Wanstead- lots of nice restaurants - but it may be too far for what you want.

reluctantbrit · 10/07/2023 21:35

Take a train to London

Chewbecca · 10/07/2023 21:37

Unless you fancy the dogs (it's quite fun but some hate it) definitely take public transport to central London.

UncomfortableSilence · 10/07/2023 21:40

If it's this weekend coming there's a few events at Harrow Lodge Park in Hornchurch in aid of Mind.

Raphael's Park have outdoor Shakespeare in the summer if that's your thing might be worth checking dates.

Keykat · 10/07/2023 21:41

Go to the seaside. Direct train from R to Southend, if that appeals to you! Don't know what S/end is like now it's a good ten years since I was last there.

Shopping in Westfield, Stratford, again upline from R.

Ukholidaysaregreat · 10/07/2023 21:42

Mega, mega, mega! Going back to Romford! Have a great day! 😂

TheModHatter · 10/07/2023 21:42

Why not head into London?

Chewbecca · 10/07/2023 21:48

If you did go to Southend, you could check out the elephants:

SpikyHatePotato · 10/07/2023 22:20

Brookside Theatre is a tin hut (run by amdrams)- with London's weather as it is, I don't recommend it. Queen's Theatre Hornchurch has a very varied programme, and a nice FoH cafe.

Southend is a bit grim these days, there's a niceish walk from Leigh on Sea along the seafront to Westcliff, and some interesting old buildings and seafood restaurants in Leigh but you need to get the C2C from Barking or Upminster, there's no direct connection from Romford.

Hainault Forest Country Park is nice for a walk, and they do various planned community activities.

Stratford Westfield is a 20 min train ride from Romford, but is generally heaving at the weekend. The Olympic Park at Stratford is quite nice.

I'm a bit hard pressed to think of anywhere actually in Romford that I can recommend.

OliviaOyl · 10/07/2023 22:23

If you do head for Stratford, the Theatre Royal Stratford East is a lovely little theatre.

SmallGeezer · 10/07/2023 22:46

Honestly (a resident) it’s not great :) Raphael’s park is nice, if you go to Gidea park there’s the restaurant at Raphael’s (crem kitchen) is nice, also peds pizza is yum and there’s other nice places on the main road for a a drink. I’d get the train into London honestly for the day you have- 25 Mins to liv st, 40 mins at most to the west end. Romford is a great suburb but why not go to London proper if you have the time :)

Longingforthesummer · 10/07/2023 22:59

Train strikes when we are planning to go

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