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Where do you angle your bedroom fan?

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ImASecretLemonadeDr1nker · 09/07/2023 23:38

I don't like them much really but needs must at the moment in bed at night

I have a floor Dyson one and I have to perform a military operation every night getting it angled JUST SO

can't have it blowing on my face or near it so I place it so it blows on my mid and lower back and legs

Is there anyone out there who literally has it on their face

OP posts:
cherryassam · 09/07/2023 23:42

My DH says I’m like a dog in a car, I like it pointing straight in my face. It’s soothing for some reason.

HappiDaze · 09/07/2023 23:42

I've got a pedestal fan set to the correct height and it lives at the end of the bed, so blows on legs and back but I can feel it in my face too.

PTSDBarbiegirl · 09/07/2023 23:43

Mine is 1 metre away from end of bed, aimed at the bottom right hand corner and edge of bed. As I only use sheets on bed I can get the cool air without the blast in face. I've tried everything though and this so far is best!

ImASecretLemonadeDr1nker · 09/07/2023 23:47

I'm literally obsessed with the thought I'll get a stiff neck if I have it near my face!

OP posts:
cherryassam · 09/07/2023 23:50

I don’t think it’s ever given me a stiff neck, but I also sleep with 3 pillows so it would be hard to distinguish what caused a sore neck if I did have one.

I do get a sore throat if I sleep with my mouth open and breath in too much fan air directly.

LordSalem · 10/07/2023 00:15

I have mine swinging back and forth over my whole body from top to toe but then get pissed off if I roll over in the night because loose hairs blow backwards onto my face and neck and I’m half asleep convinced it's spiders running over me Hmm

WTFAreYouForReal · 10/07/2023 00:45

I'd have it at the bottom of the bed so it blows over the length of me, but my dh is here at the moment so we have have to have it on rotate 🙄

blahblahblah1654 · 10/07/2023 00:58

I have one at the bottom of the bed facing me. My husband doesn't like it directly on him so were both winning!

JeandeServiette · 10/07/2023 01:05

cherryassam · 09/07/2023 23:42

My DH says I’m like a dog in a car, I like it pointing straight in my face. It’s soothing for some reason.


Ah romance eh?

Magssss · 10/07/2023 01:06

Another vote for pointing at my stomach/legs. For those who point it straight at their face - don’t you wake up with a ridiculously dry mouth?!

Hellokittymania · 10/07/2023 01:33

I live in Greece, and we are having a heat wave, it is supposed to reach 107°F this week, not sure how I will cope with that… Anyway, unfortunately in my bedroom, there is one plug that doesn’t work, and the one that does is toward the head of my bed. So I’ve had to put the fan facing my side, it also lights, but it is a bit too high so doesn’t really get much air on me. I bought another, more powerful fan that is in the kitchen, so I have just been rolling out a yoga mat on the floor and sleeping on my kitchen floor. The fan is at a better angle, and gets all of me.

Nat6999 · 10/07/2023 02:15

I have one of those fans you add water to on my bedside table, so when I'm asleep, it blows straight on my face.

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