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How and why has someone broken into my car?

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TheChosenTwo · 09/07/2023 12:35

Got in my car yesterday morning and some panel thing was on the floor, the change had been raided and when I went to drive it the bonnet button flashed on. Presumed that dh had gone into it the night before and taken the change out for something and knocked the panel and the bonnet thing while he was leaning over, thought no more of it. He just went to use the car now and has asked why the panel was on the other seat, I said to him I thought he’d done it when getting out all the change. He looked a bit confused but now we have come to the conclusion that someone got into it. But why? What would they want under the bonnet? How did they get in? It didn’t ‘feel’ broken in to! Nothing damaged and other than the change it seems like nothing was taken.
Anyone know?

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frozendaisy · 09/07/2023 14:06

Maybe it was a "practise" car?

TheChosenTwo · 09/07/2023 20:19

What does that mean?!

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MintJulia · 09/07/2023 20:30

If you have a keyless start type car, getting in with a booster is relatively easy. If they don't want the car itself, thieves look for anything that can be sold easily or any money. Check your fuel, your catalytic converter.

Redglitter · 09/07/2023 20:33

Have you driven it? As pp said they could have taken your catalytic conv or similar

DyslexicPoster · 09/07/2023 20:36

Yes have tried to start it?

MintJulia · 09/07/2023 20:36

Or they could be planning to steal it in the future because it is a style match for another car.

I'd ask for advice from the police. Get yourself faraday pouches for your keys, and maybe buy a wheel clamp.

TheChosenTwo · 09/07/2023 21:58

I drove it 3 times yesterday and then dh noticed it this morning before he drove it.
the keys live in a faraday box quite far from the kitchen.

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