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How do you have an adult party?

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Whatthediddlyfeck · 09/07/2023 12:17

What do I need to think about?

We’ve committed to having a party soon, and in my 50+ years I’ve never done this! Plenty of kids parties, but never for adults!!

I think there will be about 20 people…we have plenty indoor and outdoor space and seating. Although it’s summertime I’m not relying on the weather one bit, so will do actual food rather than bbq, so now the invitations have gone out, we’re committed!

How do you have a successful party? What kind of food and drink would you do? I love feeding people but it’ll definitely be a buffet rather than sit down meal, so what are your suggestions?


OP posts:
AtleastitsnotMonday · 09/07/2023 13:42

Food wise you have a few options, it really depend whether you want predominantly hot or cold dishes, how much work you want to put in and to some degree your level of skill. I would say for a party of that size you want crowd pleasers that can predominantly prepared in advance. Go for dishes you have confidence in cooking, use the best ingredients you can afford. If you have guests with dietary restrictions consider a menu that naturally caters for them to save doing lots of different options. I definitely think fewer dishes well done are better than lots of mediocre dishes.

pheonixrebirth · 09/07/2023 13:54

Following with interest as I'm in the same boat and there are a few vegans and vegetarians as well.

lancslass17 · 09/07/2023 13:54

Spotify playlist on in background, nice food, nice drinks good company.

Whatthediddlyfeck · 09/07/2023 13:54

Thank you….No dietary restrictions that anyone has ever mentioned, I’ll be doing some vegetarian food purely because it can be very tasty! I agree with you on fewer varieties but we’ll done, that would save a load of hassle!

What are people’s thoughts on cocktails? I had thought about doing a couple of big jugs ahead of cocktails ahead of time, rather than constantly making them as we go?

OP posts:
pickledandpuzzled · 09/07/2023 13:57

It's handy to have some distractions/games available in case things start to drag. But don't get set in the mindset of 'we'll play sardines at 2.30!'. Save it for need.

Empires goes quite well in a group.

MoonMum90 · 09/07/2023 13:57

I regularly host parties for adults, kids, mixed groups

When just adults I usually make a really big curry and veg option pizzas salads crisps dips salami boards or a bbq nut as you say weather permitting!

Get a cheese board for later in the evening everyone can help themselves

Good music make a playlist with some throwback and current tunes

Make sure you have lots of extra booze we did actually run out once 😅 so now we get boxes of beer and wine as an additional supply alongside what we supply anyway and everyone to bring their own things

Plenty of seating and if sat outside get a stack or blankets someone is always cold !!

My friends often do karaoke which is always a laugh but depends on your friends!! We also have a dart board which loads of people like to gravitate towards

A space for dancing- our kitchen is huge so always becomes a dance floor

We bought these light fittings that replace your bulb in a lamp to make a disco effect and have that on in the kitchen makes an atmosphere people want to dance too

Our parties usually go on till past 3/4am so must be doing something right or our mates are just party animals haha

MoonMum90 · 09/07/2023 13:59

Cocktails- yes why not make up a few jugs or a rum punch in a massive bowl

Don't be a martyr to it though tell people to help themselves to their drinks and enjoy the party too!!

Speedweed · 09/07/2023 14:01

Big bowl for the keys.

Plenty of clean towels.

Top up the disinfectant in the sex pond.

Don't forget to invite the neighbours!

Findyourneutralspace · 09/07/2023 14:02

Moonmum’s parties sound like the ones in my friendship group too! Loads of fun, sore heads the next day 😄

AuntieHippy · 09/07/2023 14:05

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines - previously banned poster.

Maddy70 · 09/07/2023 14:05

I usually put a curry in the slow cooker and I have a rice cooker which keeps rice hot for hours

Folk just help themselves
More booze than you think

Don't forget ice cubes

Whatthediddlyfeck · 09/07/2023 17:01

Speedweed · 09/07/2023 14:01

Big bowl for the keys.

Plenty of clean towels.

Top up the disinfectant in the sex pond.

Don't forget to invite the neighbours!

This is too funny 😂😂😂

OP posts:
Whatthediddlyfeck · 09/07/2023 17:04

@MoonMum90 brilliant idea re the blankets, will def add this to the list!

@AuntieHippy i genuinely didn’t think of it like that 😳🤣🤣

OP posts:
TheChosenTwo · 09/07/2023 17:08

Don’t run out of alcohol!!! We go to majestics ahead of parties and buy cases of nice beers and they also do nice gin/vodka there. They also sell fever tree tonics/mixers In cases too. We have a couple of drinks fridges but also have some large builders buckets (don’t know what else to call them, they’re massive flexible plastic things?!) and fill with ice and add a load of bottles to it so it’s outside ready. Put a bin/bucket next to it for empties so people inadvertently help with clearing up along the way!
nice music, we do pizzas in our pizza oven or do a bbq, cheeseboard is a good addition for later on. Crisps/olives on the table to start.
Enough seats although people do stand. When we have big summer parties I set up the table outside and then also set up a couple of other seating areas too, one on the grass, one to the side of the patio etc, nice for smaller groups of people or even smokers as the smokers that come here prefer to do it away from the main gathering (we don’t care!).
Above all though, try and enjoy it! We love having parties although it’s not until a bit later in the evening that dh and I tend to sit down and properly enjoy it.

Spanielsarepainless · 09/07/2023 17:16

We hosted 20+ adults for a significant birthday. Lots of alcohol - red and white wine, bottled beer, Scotch, gin, mixers and soft drinks. Ordered loads of yummy party food from M&S and enjoyed the whole thing. Shovelled guests out about 11.00 to taxis and bribed dustmen to take a shameful number of empties away!

Whatthediddlyfeck · 09/07/2023 22:32

@Spanielsarepainless whilst the idea of M&S food is appealing I really enjoy cooking and am a total feeder!

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