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Festival themed birthday ideas

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FusionChefGeoff · 09/07/2023 11:32

We're doing a music quiz with 'set lists' from different stages.
Trying to find flags for decorations
Printing out old music festival posters
Plastic cups for beers
Takeaway cartons for food
Sparkly / festival themed clothes
Bucket hats

Can anyone add any bright ideas for games / decor / food that will fit the theme????

It's for my Dad so not too modern thinking more along the lines of Woodstock / vintage Glasto than Download Grin

OP posts:
ComtesseDeSpair · 09/07/2023 12:02

Ask everyone to bring their own cup, Burning Man style. No cup, no drink. No single use plastic.

Any kids attending? Get them to recreate the Grand Irrational a la Wilderness.

Make sure everyone gets a wristband and an ink stamp to get into the event.

Signpost everything. The toilets, the main stage, the chillout zone, the food area. Make sure all the signs are just a little bit skew-wiff and pointing at the wrong thing.

Everyone likes slushies, the more luridly coloured the better.

FusionChefGeoff · 09/07/2023 19:31

Great suggestions! Love the signposts to everything that could be very funny and could get kids to make them ahead of time

Totally forgot about wristbands too - will investigate my random ribbon box.

Don't know what the grand irrational is - off to Google

Thank you

OP posts:
BunnyBettChetwynd · 09/07/2023 19:54

Ask everyone to wear wellies and block the toilet.

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