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Skin Fade Haircuts - allowed at secondary?

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MissAtomicBomb1 · 09/07/2023 09:16

DS11 has been asking for a skin fade haircut for ages. We've just allowed him to have one as it's almost the holidays and there's time for it to grow out before he starts secondary in Sept. It's very short around the back and sides. Normal length on top. He loves it though and wants to keep it.
Are these acceptable at your child's secondary? Have checked the school policy & it isn't very specific. Just 'no extreme haircuts' Don't want him getting detention on his first day!

OP posts:
Tupperwarefan · 09/07/2023 09:18

At mine they're not allowed - local academy

Mumdiva99 · 09/07/2023 09:19

Allowed at my kids school. They also say no extreme and natural colours.

I think patterns all over the head, a mohican....are more of what is meant by extreme.

Our HT is quite pragmatic and wouldn't try to ban a fade that is mega fashionable and actually probably means that the wearer keeps their smarter than a non fade.

StayAnonn · 09/07/2023 09:26

We let ds2 have one last summer (when he was 12) after he begged and begged.

I absolutely hated it on him, I think they look bloody awful. Our school don't allow them which I was so thankful for 😂

They grow back so fast though. I think if you intend to maintain a fade properly you need to be at the hairdressers every 2 weeks which is another reason i was glad he couldn't have it year round!

ivfregret · 09/07/2023 09:33

WTAF, I don't have kids but how on earth is a skin fade extreme?

Wow is this the rubbish schools put out these days

PotteringAlonggotkickedoutandhadtoreregister · 09/07/2023 09:34

Not allowed at the school I teach in or the secondary my DS will be starting in September

GreenMini · 09/07/2023 09:36

A skin fade is just another name for "short back & sides" which was fashionable as long ago as the 1930s. They're smart & well groomed - and schools should be careful what they wish for in my opinion.

MissAtomicBomb1 · 09/07/2023 09:38

Oh seems a mixed bag then!
To the PP above, there's no way on earth that he'll be having it every 2 weeks so I'll see if we can opt for a less short version next time!

OP posts:
Jobreveal · 09/07/2023 09:40

Fine at our school. DS has just got his hair done and looks very smart. Our school doesn't allow extreme haircuts or unnatural colours.

StayAnonn · 09/07/2023 09:49

A skin fade is just another name for "short back & sides"

No, it's not.

I have 3 ds's and dh who've all had short back and sides for years.

A skin fade is different and exactly that - a fade to bare skin. So a decent proportion of the scalp is smooth and bald.

It looks totally different to any other variation of short back and sides.

Stressfordays · 09/07/2023 09:52

Mine have skin fades, no ones said anything about it at school. I see them everywhere so I can't imagine it being an issue. Mine are blonde though so it doesn't look so obvious.

SlidingHoors · 09/07/2023 09:52

My DD’s school is sensible about this and all but the most outlandish (blue Mohican) and dangerous for H&S reasons (extensions down to her knees and worn loose lol) are sanctioned.

Ive worked in schools where the policy was ridiculous. An exclusion room full of kids with haircuts old people don’t approve of. Idiotic!

Shopper727 · 09/07/2023 09:54

I think they look horrible and I have 4 sons. My eldest gets them as he’s a welder and it keeps him cool but it looks nicer when it’s grown in a bit he doesn’t go every 2 weeks though. I don’t think they look smart just a bit rough looking. My younger son looks a bit like a mop head just now and is way overdue a haircut but he’s not getting a skin fade as far as I know. They are allowed at school.

megletthesecond · 09/07/2023 09:55

Not at my DC's state secondaries.

VladsPants · 09/07/2023 09:58

One day in isolation at my dc school for less than grade 2 inc skin fades. Many, many boys still have them and just take the isolation. Bloody ridiculous. See also skirt length rules.

mum11970 · 09/07/2023 09:59

Skin fades are allowed at our local secondary. Ds has just finished his A levels and has had a skin fade for the last few years. He gets it cut once a month, not every two weeks. I have short hair with an undercut and don’t get it cut every two weeks either but probably would if I could get my hair cut for the £18 the barber charges rather than the £40 my hairdresser does.

hopeishere · 09/07/2023 10:00

DS schools doesn't allow them. He's just had a bit of a one. Not a full skin fade but very short on the sides and long on top. I hate it.

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