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Did you buy much maternity clothing when you were pg?

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iammissingmycaffeine · 08/07/2023 16:34

I'm a teacher so working 5 days a week. I've already had to buy two pairs of shoes and new sandals for my enormous clown feet Shock

Due in Dec.

OP posts:
SareBear87 · 08/07/2023 16:52

I just bought a few key bits full price (decent jeans, black trousers, a few t-shirts). The rest I bought a couple of sizes larger than my pre-preg size all came from charity shops or eBay. All were used post baby too when you just feel like a deflated balloon and want to hide.
The best investment was string vest tops. They turned a pre-preg top/jumper into something I could wear and were perfect for bf-ing!

Asda had a great selection of trousers, as did H&M - and weren't too spendy.

Windowcleaning · 08/07/2023 16:59

I bought bits from eBay as I went along. I found anything round my waist really uncomfortable from about six months, so trousers and tights were out. I had a couple of pairs of flared yoga pant type things that I wore under dresses. In a classroom five days a week, I would get a five outfits and just wear them on rotate.

EarringsandLipstick · 08/07/2023 16:59

Yes I did.

But it all worked out well. I had a decent income back then & had 3 DC close together so all the clothes got used plenty.

I bought from two maternity boutique ex where I live, both gone now.

The items were expensive - I probably spent €500 or more for my first pregnancy & supplemented for DC 2 & 3 but I felt good; nice good quality clothes for work, decent jeans & dresses for weekends.

My most expensive purchase was a designer maternity dress for a wedding - €450 [this was all 16 years ago, so - a lot!] but I wore it so much. Several weddings & fancy events, meals out & loaned to to so many friends. Still have it. Gorgeous dress.

I definitely endorse getting a few decent pieces to wear & working around that.

GagaBinks · 08/07/2023 17:30

I bought a few basics - work dresses, bras, leggings, jeans, and shorts. I wear normal t-shirts because I favoured a baggy style top normally anyway.

Got a couple of things from Vinted. And I plan to sell everything on there once this baby arrives!

TheIsleOfTheLost · 08/07/2023 18:09

As little as I could. At home I lived in oversize pj's. Had black trousers and leggings then bought tops to match. One thing I wish I had done in pregnancy 1 was get maternity knickers, sooo much more comfortable the second time.

Giltedged · 08/07/2023 18:11

A fair amount to be honest! You have to wear something, although I didn’t bother with DS because of lockdown.

creativebutterfly · 08/07/2023 18:12

I actually lost weight and still fit my pre pregnancy clothing when I was pregnant.

RampantIvy · 08/07/2023 18:15

No. I knew that I was very unlikely to have another so I didn't see the point in spending £££. A couple of people lent me some maternity clothes. My feet didn't change so I didn't need new footwear.

iammissingmycaffeine · 08/07/2023 19:15

I'm hoping to have another but who knows really!

What did you all do for winter coats?

OP posts:
WhimHoff · 08/07/2023 19:18

If your feet are that swollen this early in pregnancy I would raise it with the midwife.

I bought a few bits but was lucky to work in an office where jeans were acceptable, mostly I bought cheap maternity jeans and primark tops as I hate buying clothes and tend to wear the same thing for years.

vincettenoir · 08/07/2023 19:19

I bought half a dozen maternity things including trousers and tights. But then I realised I didn’t like the feels of waistbands. Then I bought 2 ribbed lycra dresses from New Look that I pretty much more solid for 3 months.

Miscellaneousme · 08/07/2023 19:19

Vinted is the place to go for barely worn maternity wear!

NeverThatSerious · 08/07/2023 19:22

Not masses to be honest. Two pairs of maternity jeans, one blue and one black, one pair of maternity denim shorts (I live in denim shorts every year so knew I’d get a lot of wear from them!) and a couple of work dresses because work paid for them but otherwise just went for a size bigger than usual, lots of dresses. I didn’t bother with a maternity coat, just left mine open, with a scarf if needed.

Lindy2 · 08/07/2023 19:27

I bought some second hand maternity jeans and black smart trousers for work.

I also got 2 maternity tops as s gift.

I them bought some stretchy leggings in a bigger size which I wore with some baggier tshirts or jumpers.

That pretty much saw me through 2 pregnancies. I couldn't be bothered to fetch too much or spend a lot for just a limited amount of wear.

My only difficulty was my normal winter coat wouldn't do up towards the end of my winter pregnancy. That was a bit annoying.

Farcry66 · 08/07/2023 19:28

Im a teacher too. Unexpected pregnancy 10 years after my last one, so I have nothing!

I tend to wear a-line dresses anyway which currently skim over bump and it feels like they might do that for quite a long time. I have got 2 maternity leggings and 2 maternity shorts from asda which are great, and really cheap. Little but gutted at the moment because I want some more shorts jut they have been sold out in my size (and know lots of other sizes) for the last week - desperately hoping they get some more in stock.

Vexxa · 08/07/2023 19:29

Honestly, yes. I'm always amazed by posters saying they didn't need maternity wear on these kinds of threads. I'm in my third pregnancy and I've had a very large bump each time, so I've needed maternity gear from an early stage. I've basically had to buy maternity everything apart from socks! And a thick winter coat from Seraphine was a very worthwhile investment. For this pregnancy I've needed some summer things and I've mainly topped up my maternity wardrobe from Vinted.

SparkyBlue · 08/07/2023 19:32

I did as I felt miserable so at least wanted to look decent. Also I'm not even 5ft so my shape needed proper maternity clothes as otherwise I looked ridiculous as I have a small frame so I can't just buy larger sizes as they would just hang off my shoulders and look messy so I needed my normal size 10 or 12 but in maternity.

iammissingmycaffeine · 08/07/2023 19:38

Hmm, I will say to the midwife although they're not swollen looking- they've just grown at least a size Blush

I'll look on Vinted. I don't think jeans would be a good investment for me because I don't wear them so often. Maybe lots of leggings and dresses I can wear for a bit.

OP posts:
RampantIvy · 08/07/2023 19:41

Re winter coats - DD was born in July, and I didn't really start showing until 20 weeks, so I didn't need to buy another one.

Greenfree · 08/07/2023 19:43

I bought some proper maternity jeans and leggings. Everything else including coats I just bought in larger sizes from charity shop. I also bought new shoes but just cheap ones. I did spend a bit on stuff for after baby arrived like maternity bras and tops etc

SilkTrees · 08/07/2023 19:51

Almost none/ I bought a couple of loose dresses for work (lecturer), but lived mostly in DH's jeans and jumpers. For a winter coat I had an old cape I'd had from years earlier which was roomy enough to accommodate me.

Redlorryyellowlorryblue · 08/07/2023 19:54

I got a few work dresses, trousers, jeans, tights, bras, leggings, vest tops and a swimming costume.

Serephine, H and M and topshop

Songbird54321 · 08/07/2023 19:56

All I got was a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and a maternity coat which had a removable panel so it can be used as a normal coat. Oh and bras! Just went to asda as I went through quite a few sizes.
I was really poorly when pregnant so didn't really leave the house much so probably didn't even need what I bought.
I never bought maternity tops, just a size or 2 bigger or oversized style. I still wear the jumpers now if I'm lounging and want to be cosy

PinkPlantCase · 08/07/2023 19:59

I got given lots, it seems to be something people are happy to get rid off 😂😂

I did need a full wardrobes worth though because not pregnant I’m a size 8 and didn’t have many baggy clothes. Pregnant I seem to make big bumps and probably needed size 14 maternity by the end. None of this ‘buy your usual size business’.

I think I have 3 pairs of maternity jeans, one smaller pair that don’t fit now I’m 20 weeks and 2 pairs that will hopefully last until near ish the end, though i think I much preferred dresses by the end last time.

The problem I’m having is that my last baby was born in June during covid so all of my big maternity stuff was summery and I didn’t have to look presentable for work! Next baby is due in November so I’m having to buy some long sleeved bits and jumper type dresses for later on as I’ll have nothing that fits when it’s cold.

Advice wise I really rate those maternity coats that you can also zip a panel into if you wear baby in a sling. I was given a spring/summer water proof one and I bought myself a longer very warm winter one. I have lived in them! And wore them when I wasn’t pregnant as you could just wear it without the panel. They are generally £100 or more but I got so much use out of them especially once baby was here. Happy to link to my favourites if you like!

I also had a maternity trench coat that was about £5 on eBay which was my smart coat!

Most things I picked up second hand, mostly on eBay, for the bits I need to buy this time I’m much more conscious of whether the clothes are also good for nursing in. Especially dresses. Jumpers too I’m favouring maternity ones that have easy access zips or panels for nursing as it’ll be cold in the winter and we’ll probably have the heating on less because of the bills and it’ll probably be too cold to lift up the jumper and pull down the vest top like I did last time.

Nat6999 · 08/07/2023 20:07

A couple of pairs of maternity jeans, a few T shirts & tops. I could wear what I wanted for work so didn't buy anything else. Other than that, I lived in sportswear.

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