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Question about Amazon food delivery

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quickquestionn · 08/07/2023 15:54

We've just had an Amazon prime delivery with about £15 of ice cream that's totally melted (no ice packs with it and it's been in the car for almost two hours). It's totally unusable and we can't eat or refreeze it. But if I complain, will some poor overworked warehouse employee get in trouble? Would you raise it?

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Fillyourshoes · 08/07/2023 16:00

Yes I would.

but it isn’t the drivers fault. He did nothing wrong.

It was Amazon and poor packaging

Fillyourshoes · 08/07/2023 16:01

How do you know it’s been in the car for 2 hours? And not 1 hour or 5 hours?

quickquestionn · 08/07/2023 16:03

Good point - I'm just guessing, I had a text saying it was packed, then out for delivery, then it took almost 2 hours to get here.

I'm not blaming the driver, I'm wondering if I complain does someone doing a relentless job get their wages docked.

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Fillyourshoes · 08/07/2023 16:05

No they don’t.

but I very much doubt that they will investigate who packed this ice cream.

You will just be refunded and that will be the end of the matter

quickquestionn · 08/07/2023 16:43

Great thanks

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