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Protestant tray bakes

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Eloweeese · 08/07/2023 12:02

I wonder if someone could link the Protestant tray bake thread please? I've looked through classics and can't find it. I want to make a selection of these for a party in a couple of weeks

OP posts:
cafecreme · 08/07/2023 12:03

That was such a good thread. I hope someone can locate it and link here.

AgathaMystery · 08/07/2023 12:15

Can’t help you - I’m catholic and we don’t do them.

Eloweeese · 08/07/2023 15:03

Oh thank you. That's fantastic 😁

OP posts:
Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 08/07/2023 15:08

I've been happily browsing through it on and off for a couple of hours! Same thread kept me going through early lockdown, as I recall.

Florissante · 08/07/2023 15:36

Thank you for the link, @Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g . It deserves to be in Classics.

cafecreme · 09/07/2023 08:21

Thank you, that’s my Sunday sorted!

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