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Help! Child’s party panic…

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Eyerollingstones · 08/07/2023 07:08

DD2 turns 6 tomorrow. We have an entertainer coming for a bit of it but the weather forecast was ok so I thought we’d play in the garden for the rest of the time.

I have woken up this morning and the forecast has changed to thunder and lightening. Please hit me with some ideas of things I can source/ organise before tomorrow for the kids to do! I am madly wrapping a pass the parcel and we can do a dance-off. There are too many kids for musical chairs.

Might anyone have had any craft idea successes at birthday parties..? Bloody Met Office.

OP posts:
MichelleScarn · 08/07/2023 07:09

A craft activity? Paint jewellery/pre made clay?

MichelleScarn · 08/07/2023 07:10

Decorate cookies?

nomorespaghetti · 08/07/2023 07:11

Decorate your own party bags

MichelleScarn · 08/07/2023 07:14

This type of thing?

Help!  Child’s party panic…
BugsyDrakeTableScape · 08/07/2023 07:15

Craft is the way forward. Make bookmarks or name plates for bedroom doors. The pound shop might have scratch art sets which are usually popular if you can stand cleaning up all the black bits afterwards!

MichelleScarn · 08/07/2023 07:15

Cheap plain tshirts from primark and fabric pens?

grass321 · 08/07/2023 07:16

Or a treasure hunt with sweets/clues? You said no musical chairs but I've done it with sheets of paper if number of chairs were the issue. Pin the tail on the donkey with prize for nearest? Bashing a piñata?

A bit lame but if all else fails, an appropriate film? Or just let them have some free play, they'll probably snipe playing with different toys than at home.

YoBeaches · 08/07/2023 07:16

Pre make or buy plain cup cakes and they can decorate.
Musical statutes and musical bumps
A game of duck duck goose.
Buy some face paints - or easier just the face glitter
Pass the ballon game where they have to pass down the line using the knees or chins

grass321 · 08/07/2023 07:17

Snipe? Not sure where that came from *enjoy

MotorwayDiva · 08/07/2023 07:17

Treasure hunt, musical bumps ie sit on floor if not enough chairs.
Get a big roll of paper and get them to paint a massive picture together.
Cupcake or biscuits decorating
Or see if any gazebos on market place x

gogomoto · 08/07/2023 07:18

Musical bumps (no seats required) sleeping lions (good for 10 minutes!). You could do cookie decoration if you are still feeling like adding an activity

SpamIAm · 08/07/2023 07:27

6 year olds just like to play 🤷‍♀️ how much time do you have to fill - an hour-ish? By the time they've had food, do a few rounds of musical statues, have a play...job done.

LookAtThatArtwork · 08/07/2023 07:39

How much time is left over?

Ds recently went to a party and they spent most the time playing with the birthday child's toys.

Eyerollingstones · 08/07/2023 07:56

These are brilliant- thank you! After they’ve eaten, probably
about an hour, I reckon. I think it’s musical statutes and cookie decorating all the way. I appreciate the help!

OP posts:
everycowandagain · 08/07/2023 08:02

Cardboard boxes and felt tip pens! I gathered boxes of all shapes and sizes and left a box of pens nearby. The kids had so much fun and did all kinds of things with them.

Littlebelina · 08/07/2023 08:10

I did make a wooden spoon person once, cheap wooden spoons, googly eyes, felt pens, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, pompoms etc but decorating cheap biscuits is a quick and easy thing to organise

AllotmentTime · 08/07/2023 08:19

Buy a pack of long "bootlace" sweets. The kids stand in a circle and put one end of the bootlace in their mouth and their hands behind their back. First one to eat their bootlace without touching it wins 😁

(Tell them they have to eat it and sit down to win, then you have a captive audience cheering on those who are still going!)

Ring the entertainer and check what games they'll be doing so you don't overlap? The above is pinched from an entertainer at my DD's 7th.

BeyondMyWits · 08/07/2023 08:20

Living room disco with balloons. then decorate something edible.... cookie, pizza...

EdithGrantham · 08/07/2023 08:20

Find the pound 😆

Harebrain · 08/07/2023 08:27

You can play musical spoons so there’s no moving around. (Just like musical chairs but you sit in a circle around an array of spoons). When the music stops, everyone grabs a spoon and if you don’t have one, you’re out.

Harebrain · 08/07/2023 08:30

Building towers with dried spaghetti and marshmallows is fun too.

SideProfile · 08/07/2023 09:01

MichelleScarn · 08/07/2023 07:15

Cheap plain tshirts from primark and fabric pens?

Love this!

Pound shop is always a good shout for little crafty bits too

OutsidInInsideOut · 08/07/2023 09:03

Musical bumps
Musical statues
Pin tale on donkey /unicorn

justcross1966 · 08/07/2023 10:59

Find a village hall!

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