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September strike dates?

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Teddypops · 08/07/2023 06:59

I've heard a rumour that there are more school strike dates in September. Does anyone know of the proposed dates please?

OP posts:
Cupcakegirl13 · 08/07/2023 07:00

I believe they haven’t balloted on them yet.

CatsOnTheChair · 08/07/2023 07:06

They won't have been discussed yet.
At least one of the ballots hasn't closed yet, and I believe they are - if the other unions vote to strike - hoping to get aligned strike dates between the unions.

Teddypops · 08/07/2023 07:10

OK thank you. Will ask again in a month or so.

OP posts:
2boysandagirltoo · 08/07/2023 07:13

In our email about this weeks lot of strikes the head teacher did intimate there may be issues next term.

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