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Charlene of Monaco

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JeandeServiette · 07/07/2023 19:05

Is there divorce in the offing?

She looks so incredibly miserable.

Maybe monarchies are abusive of the inmates as well as anti-democratic. (Yes I know it's a tiny principality but the media interest is huge nevertheless.)

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JeandeServiette · 07/07/2023 19:08
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stbrandonsboat · 07/07/2023 19:20

I think she was made to get married and has a miserable life.

AnnaMagnani · 07/07/2023 19:21

She's looked miserable since the beginning of the marriage.

Fannieannie63 · 07/07/2023 19:54

She tried to run away before marrying him but was ‘brought back’ and the wedding went ahead. She’s looked miserable ever since except for when she spent some time ( maybe about a year or so)in Africa with a mystery health problem.

SirChenjins · 07/07/2023 19:58

She’s never looked happy, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors really. If she is as unhappy as she looks then I really hope she is getting divorced.

Zarataralara · 07/07/2023 19:58

She was in S. Africa for months during the pandemic with an illness that was alluded to as an ENT problem, returned to Monaco then very quickly left for further “rest” at a medical facility outside Monaco. Think the poor woman has been deeply depressed.
Who would have forced her into marriage?

Cabella · 07/07/2023 20:37

Don't you think Prince Albert looks like Prince Edward/Duke of Edinburgh and also Ian Beale of Eastenders?
Princess Charlene seems like a lovely person as well as a beauty, I wish her every happiness.

SirChenjins · 07/07/2023 21:26

Definitely Ian Beale - I’ve always thought that!

JeandeServiette · 07/07/2023 23:42

RiseYpres · 07/07/2023 19:17

Well- she tried to run away before the marriage as I recall but ehr passport had been taken and she was dragged persuaded to go back.

She has looked deeply miserable for years, poor thing.

I've never been sure whether to believe that or not.

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