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Anyone’s Hayfever off the chart this year?

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Kate3150 · 07/07/2023 06:05

I suffer every year but can’t remember feeling this rough with it before?
Anyone else feeling the same?
My usual antihistamine doesn’t even seem to touch it 🤧

OP posts:
BCSurvivor · 07/07/2023 13:57

I've only started to get hay-fever in the last few years, but this month so far has been awful....very watery, puffy eyes and a snotty nose :(
My mum has said the same, re increased symptoms this month.

Lurkingandlearning · 07/07/2023 14:26

Yes and weird. GP says my itchy ears that I’ve been scratching like a scabby dog since March is hay fever. Prescription antihistamines have made no difference. The referral letter to ears, nose and throat says to wait until end of August to expect triage phone call… I suppose they expect it to be gone by then

BelindaBears · 07/07/2023 14:27

Mine has settled down the last couple of weeks but early to mid June was the worst it’s ever been in my life. I don’t know if it’s because the pollen count is now lower or if the antihistamines have somehow built up and I should start taking them earlier than mid May next year.

Summer2424 · 07/07/2023 14:38

Hi @Kate3150 omg yes it's been bad! I made the mistake of walking through a ton a flowers growing in Regents Park, never again!

Annaishere · 07/07/2023 14:40

I don’t know if it’s hay fever but I’ve been sneezing all the time and have developed asthma. Nurse said Covid and the vaccines have caused an increase in asthma and allergies.

CC4712 · 07/07/2023 14:41

Yes. Normally get a few weeks of it in Spring only, but this year, its still going on now. Some days I'm relatively fine- others I'm a snotty/sneezy mess.

Singleorigincoffee · 07/07/2023 14:45

Yes! It's been,6 weeks and counting for me. my work has suffered massively

Sirzy · 07/07/2023 14:48

Ds respiratory consultant recently said everyone he comes across seems to be struggling more this year even those who haven’t had issues before.

ds has been prescribed a different antihistamine which seems to be holding him for now thankfully

Twospaniels · 07/07/2023 14:58

Yes much worse this year.
even my dog has it and is taking antihistamines and eye drops (under vet care)

Makemeawinner · 07/07/2023 15:02

dh’s hayfever has been awful all week, he sneezed 30 times on the straight the other day and said his throat felt like it was closing up. Last night at 2am, he had a very frightening asthma attack, it was so scary. He’s not needed an inhaler for 20 years. We’ve had to get him one this morning. The gp said he’s seen an uprise in people experiencing asthma symptoms for the first time in years.
There is definitely something wrong with our size quality right now.

Kate3150 · 07/07/2023 15:09

Sorry to hear so many others struggling too 😞

None of my immediate family (luckily) have it, I keep going on and on to them about how eugh I feel all the time. I’m a joy to be around at the moment 😂

By 8pm I’m so worn out I have to get into bed, it’s just awful.

OP posts:
TokyoStories · 07/07/2023 15:12

Mine is dreadful this year too. It makes me feel awful, like I’ve got the flu. I’ve just been prescribed a different antihistamine. It’s meant to be one a day but the GP said I can take it up to four times a day. Today is day 2 and have been falling asleep at my desk, I think it must be the side effects.

lastminutewednesday · 07/07/2023 15:24

I hear you op. I've never had it before but I too am exhausted by 8pm and in bed with it, with a damp cloth over my face as that's the only thing that even seems to help slightly.
I'll admit to being a bit sniffy (no pun intended) about hay fever in the past as I thought it couldn't possibly be as bad as people made out. Boy am I paying for it now!

UpToonGirl · 07/07/2023 15:35

Opposite for me, mine has not been quite so bad, although not great. It also started later than usual.

I'm up North if it makes any difference.

Work2live · 07/07/2023 15:37

Yes, mine started in February and has been up and down ever since.

Normally I only get it badly in the spring but this year I’ve had horrible bursts of it every couple of weeks. I was particularly bad one day earlier this week with it. It’s miserable, I’m on a cocktail of antihistamines including 180m fexofenadine and a steroid nasal spray. They’re not helping much.

catherinewales · 07/07/2023 15:38

I've had hayfever all my life and being early 40s this year has been by far the worse but I think every year it's getting worse. It's so bad. I can't sleep because I'm sneezing and itching so much yet I'm exhausted because sneezing and itching. It's horrible. It also kicks of my asthma even more so I can't breathe either. If I was an animal they'd put me down 😩

Echio · 07/07/2023 15:46

Yep. Mine has developed and got steadily worse each year recently. This year has been bonkers for at least 2 months, maybe more. I'm so glad I work from home, I've never got through the tissues so quickly, it's truly disgusting!

What antihistamines do you guys take?

I do a daily loratadine. I find piriteze sends me straight to sleep even though it's meant to be less drowsy than piriton - I tried it again a few weeks ago to check and slept the whole afternoon at my desk - not great as I had a big deadline! Piriton kicks it back more than loradatine but again I am pretty drowsy on it so I keep with the first and suffer more, but more awake.

As a type I am surrounded by tissues and loo roll and an overflowing litter bin on the floor! Not a good look!!

SliceOfCakeCupOfTea · 07/07/2023 15:49

Yeah. DS is now taking various medications for his as it's so bad

caringcarer · 07/07/2023 15:55

Yes my foster son is sneezing constantly and has itchy eyes. He is taking 2 different hay fever tablets and has prescription eye drops. I only get hay fever some years, no idea why but this year it is bad. I am taking medication too.

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