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Hypnosis anyone tried?

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salsmum · 07/07/2023 02:52

I have been smoking for many, many years and have tried to give up before but usually ended up
Starting again mostly when I had stressful times caring full time... After a really bad chest infection I decided to see an Unconscious mind therapist based in kent and after just one 3 hour session I didn't even want to vape! 😮 now I cannot bare the smell and I would never have believed it would have worked... has anyone else been hypnotised and found it's helped them?.

OP posts:
CuteCillian · 08/07/2023 00:35

My DH was very sceptical but was bought a course of hypnosis by his business partner so felt he had to go along with it, as he was always moaning at work that he'd like to give up.
Unbelievably he stopped smoking with ease after 4 sessions. About 5 years later he hit a really stressful time. The hypnotist offered an unlimited chance to go back if DH lapsed. DH went for one session and has never smoked since, almost 30 years now.

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