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What’s the most ridiculous job process you’ve been through

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confusde · 06/07/2023 21:47

I can remember when I was 17 and I applied for a job at a well known DIY store. They wanted a CV, cover letter, pre interview telephone call, whole day assessment (unpaid!) and finally an interview! All this for minimum wage! I ended up working at Tesco for better pay!

Anyone else had something as ridiculous as this before?

OP posts:
CastleTurrets · 06/07/2023 21:53

I refuse to jump through all these hoops. I have however seen some hilarious expectations within the charity sector (numerous rounds of interviews, excessive application forms etc).

Daveismyhero · 06/07/2023 21:57

Teaching interviews are the worst!
One I went to that was particularly bad was
-given the lesson topic on arrival and class info, had 1 hour to plan and resource the lesson
-taught the lesson, was observed by 3 staff
-lesson evaluation
-tour of school with students who feed back on your likability
-interview with panel of students
-subject knowledge test (had to do an a level paper)
-given a topic title (out of specialism but closely related) and had to plan a scheme for covering the topic is 5 lessons then talk it over with head of science.
-half of the candidates cut at lunch time in front of everyone else
-formal interview with Head and governors in the afternoon

GellerYeller · 06/07/2023 22:00

Yes. Major retail chain. CV, online application including personality tests, then take a day off to go to a city centre serviced office for an assessment day. Where they ignored most local retail experienced staff and progressed candidates already working at or had previously worked at, other branches. Without telling anyone present what shifts were available beforehand so half the interviewees couldn’t have accepted anyway. Three months in advance of the store being opened. TWO DAYS RUNNING! A colleague went the day after.

lampformyfeet · 06/07/2023 22:04

I went for an interview where we all had to arrive at the same time. They showed us around like school children, had a bit of a chat then called us in for the interview one by one like being at the doctors. I was one of the last to be called in and it was so late I’d almost left in disgust. It was an utter waste of a day and by that time I’d decided I wasn’t going to work there if this was how they did things. My job requires a professional degree!

MissHoollie · 06/07/2023 22:14

Two spring to mind:

All 20+ candidates told to arrive at same time. Left sat in a circle awkwardly
Called one at a time to interview ... Then to sit down.
Successful candidate called in at end to be offered job.
Wasn't me !

Second one was a promotion in same workplace.
I was the only candidate.
Had to prepare a 30 min presentation and then a 5 panel interview.
One panel member was an arse who kept asking me things that were impossible to answer with my experience . I tried to say things like... Well as you know I don't have direct experience but I can tell you about x, y ,z and how those exper inches blah blah
Nope she kept asking about exact experience .
I left the room and they phoned me from inside the room..I was sat outside to say I hadn't got it .
Thank God!

Nightnurse123 · 06/07/2023 22:22

Went for a job interview on a medical ward and was told afterwards that I was a close second but didn’t have as much experience as the other candidate. Told that they would contact me if any other vacancies came up. All very normal.
The next Saturday morning I received a letter in the post asking me to interview for a job on a different medical ward, however the interviewers were the same people. The interview was for 9am on Monday morning.
I called up HR department first thing in Monday morning to say I wouldn’t be attending as it was short notice for my current role and I was interviewed just over a week before by the same people for the same role just in a different ward. I got berated for wasting their time and advised not to apply for jobs I wasn’t attending interviews for.
Minday lunchtime I got offered the job.

2pence · 06/07/2023 22:22

Panel interview. One member asked me to explain a statute only by giving it's reference number.

ForeverFantastic · 06/07/2023 22:24

After a phone interview and face to face interview, I was given a problem that the organisation was facing. I then had to go away and research a solution, prepare a PowerPoint and present this to the senior leadership team (!) a week or so later.

This was for a graduate position not a CEO!

I reckon they were just fishing for ideas to solve their organisation’s problems!

Possiblynotever · 06/07/2023 22:25

To me the worst was one where they asked a million documents beforehand (copy of the degree, personality tests etc) and when I finally was invited for an interview, they left me waiting for one hour only to let me know that they had not agreed the terms with the headhunter and that I could go.
It was one of the most humiliating experiences.

MsAdoraBelleDearheartVonLipwig · 06/07/2023 22:46

I enquired down the pub if they had any pot washing/serving jobs my 16 year old dd could do as she’s finished school now and will be going to college and will have time for a part time job.

They asked for a CV.

I did explain that she hasn’t even got her GCSEs yet. Nope, standard practice, CV please.

It’s not going to say a lot. I don’t really know what they’re expecting.

GellerYeller · 06/07/2023 22:48

On the flip side of this, I received a formal rejection letter for a full time job I’d neither applied nor interviewed for! I’d rung to ask about part time positions-there weren’t any- and sent in my details for any future openings as requested. The letter thanked me for taking the time to attend and they were sorry to disappoint me!! Must have been automated. Computer says no, eh!

catsnore · 06/07/2023 23:17

Was invited to interview for an adult educational role. The role had been 'empty' for several terms due to long term sickness of previous teacher.

Went through very convoluted interview process, many ridiculous forms etc. They insisted on interviewing me on a particular day which was very inconvenient and meant I had to miss several hours of work elsewhere (got colleagues to cover). Did interview, including delivering a lesson.

There were no other visible candidates, and I was told the other person hadn't been able to come.

Got home to several messages saying to ring them, then one saying I hadn't got the job, as the other person had more recent classroom experience.

I later found out the other candidate (who hadn't turned up) was the person who had been off for the last two terms. They were offered their job back.

The entire thing was just a monumental waste of time and energy!!!! Arggghhh!!!

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