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Passport renewal times

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Puddypuds · 06/07/2023 21:14

Hi. The Home Office is estimating 10 weeks for passport renewals. Anyone renewed recently and know if this is realistic. Thanks

OP posts:
awks21 · 06/07/2023 21:15

Took me 12 days from application to passport arriving (dc renewal)

allofthelove · 06/07/2023 21:16

Iv just renewed my kids passports . It took 7 days

frozendaisy · 06/07/2023 21:18

If you need before 10 weeks you might have to pay double more or less and do a one day in person appointment.

Unsuredad123 · 06/07/2023 21:20

Did ours in the spring, one child needed photo sign off so a small delay there, another needed additional documents sent which added delays, mine and DW took about 10 days

CorBlimeyGovnr · 06/07/2023 21:21

Ours took about 10 days 2 months ago

BeckyWithTheGoodHair010101 · 06/07/2023 21:22

I did mine about a month ago. Took less than 3 weeks door to door!!

2chocolateoranges · 06/07/2023 21:23

Dds passport took 9 days for applying online to the passport arriving.

that was a fortnight ago.

YoSof · 06/07/2023 21:25

Did mine during the strikes and it came back in 8 days.

MokaEfti · 06/07/2023 21:28

DD age 23 just replaced hers as she lost the old one. It came in under a week!! Maybe it was faster because she was replacing rather than renewing ??

ginoclocksomewhere · 06/07/2023 21:33

Mine came in 5 days!

ginoclocksomewhere · 06/07/2023 21:33

(Very recently, I was expecting it to take months)

SunshinDay · 06/07/2023 22:16

We had longer lead time on one of that's postal but took 6 weeks ish and on line was 2 weeks. Very impressive

OMGitsnotgood · 06/07/2023 22:17

Friend just posted on FB 7 days (online application)

ZubinB · 06/07/2023 22:19

I did my child's renewal online in June and it was delivered within 3 weeks, despite initial 10 week warning. Good luck!

cosyblanketsquares · 06/07/2023 22:21

I got mine in 6 days.
Use a digital photo code app on your phone and get a friend or family member to take the picture. Then you can do the application online in just a few minutes. Send your old passport recorded delivery.
I was really impressed by how quick and easy the whole process was and they sent regular emails and tracking information.

Magnoliasunrise · 12/07/2023 13:49

8 days!!! I did the online renewal for the kids and was dreading it as expected it to be really difficult and take months. Just received them today. Easiest thing I've ever done and the communication from them is just brilliant. Don't listen to the passport horror stories like I did!!

EverythingHurtsAndImHungry · 12/07/2023 14:08

I just did mine, and my son had to renew to an adult passport. Did them both online, and got them within 10 days! I was stunned, as expected it to be weeks.

Cabeza · 12/07/2023 18:57

The passport office hasn't published an up to date stat, only said they're on track.

This website is based on a lot of data and in line with what PP are saying about 10-12 days

Did mine online last month, got it a week after they received my old passport.

ST2409 · 15/08/2023 07:59

You probably already have them I hope! Application completed on 6th august being delivered tomorrow for child’s first uk passport.

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