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Dd Yr7 tutor disappointment

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LookAtThatArtwork · 06/07/2023 19:21

My dd found out which tutor class she will be in for September. Turns out she's with a girl who bullied her for years. The other girl moved schools a year ago and my dd was so happy. Now they will be back together for the next 5 years. Dd is gutted.

Is there anything I can do? Im reluctant to ask to move dd as she is also with her two best friends which she is happy about.

OP posts:
onlyamam · 06/07/2023 19:37

If you let the school know, they will 100% move her. Form group moves for these kinds of reasons are really commonplace. They absolutely won't force her to be in a class all the time with a bully.

electriclight · 06/07/2023 19:39

I'm a teacher and agree that they will move her with a proven history of bullying. But they can't be expected to move anyone else so you're right that she'll also move away from her friends. Any possibility that this girl has matured and improved? It does happen.

Allschoolsareartschools · 06/07/2023 19:44

I'd definitely mention it to the school so the tutor can keep an eye on it. If it's just the tutor group, will they be split into different groups for lessons? I'd be reluctant to take her away from her friends but I'd 100% say something.

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