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Increasing the price of a house that isn't selling

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confusedinlondon · 06/07/2023 13:36

Nov 21 - £425k
Aug 22 - £450k
Now £475k
Been on the market all this time, hasn't sold, but the price had slowly increased. It been with the same agenct all this time. Any idea why they would increase prices? Its up to them but it just seems really odd. The pics are exactly the same, so there hasn't been any major refurb work done.

OP posts:
Moonopoly · 06/07/2023 13:38

Similar houses sold nearby for those prices I’d imagine in that time.

YallaYallaaa · 06/07/2023 13:54

Either what PP says, or some complicated situation where death or divorce is forcing a sale which the owners (or one of them) doesn’t actually want.

daytriptovulcan · 06/07/2023 14:19

Withdraw it from the market. Can you freshen it up, some gardening, new colour schemes inside, make it look a bit different. New photos new agent and relaunch next spring time.

daytriptovulcan · 06/07/2023 14:20

It's gone stale, and everyone scanning the online sites has seen it's been there ages, and won't bother with it thinking there must be something wrong there, even if there's not.

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