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Is someone missing out doing this?

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Changeshappenwhateverwedo · 05/07/2023 15:10

Hypothetical person has cats with no one other than a neighbour to pop in twice a day to feed them, hence said person only goes on city breaks abroad or in this country for maximum of four days but goes on 3-4 of these a year?

OP posts:
AmyDudley · 05/07/2023 15:13

Missing out on what ?

CurlewKate · 05/07/2023 15:14

Not missing out. Making different choices.

Changeshappenwhateverwedo · 05/07/2023 15:15

AmyDudley · 05/07/2023 15:13

Missing out on what ?

One or two week holidays that another person has said is far superior

OP posts:
AmyDudley · 05/07/2023 15:19

Oh OK, then no if the person is happy with shorter breaks, and doesn't want to leave their cats for longer/ put them in a cattery, then it is no one else's business. The kind of holiday the hypothetical cat lady enjoys is entirely her choice.

PimpMyFridge · 05/07/2023 15:22

Well the person going on line holidays isn't enjoying year round cat company so, you pays your money you takes your pick. 🤷
It's more than me. Not had a holiday at all in about 8 years.

PimpMyFridge · 05/07/2023 15:22

Long holidays

YesItsMeIDontCare · 05/07/2023 15:24

Nope. Not missing out at all. You have a cat - nothing more wonderful than having a cat 🥰

usernotfound0000 · 05/07/2023 15:26

Why does is matter how someone holidays? Surely it's whatever you enjoy. However, should you want to take a longer break, we use a pet sitter who we pay to come in twice a day to feed ours. We use neighbours for a night or 2 but I don't like to put on them for longer trips. But if you're happy with city breaks then what does it matter.

Treecreature · 05/07/2023 15:30

For me, the pleasure i get from sharing my house with animals far exceeds the pleasure I'd get from foreign travel. I'm more than happy to have uk breaks.

Sunnydaysaredefhere · 05/07/2023 15:32

The judgey pants is envious of the dcat..

wildfirewonder · 05/07/2023 15:35

Changeshappenwhateverwedo · 05/07/2023 15:15

One or two week holidays that another person has said is far superior

My understanding of human life is there is a wide variety of priorities and choices?

This is no such thing as 'missing out' if a person is doing as they want.

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