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What's wrong with me?

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Severalreasons · 03/07/2023 16:15

I'm going to start by saying that I have consulted a Dr but I am awaiting my blood test in a weeks time.

I have some weird symptoms that are really scaring me.
It's been going on for some months now.

I feel tired ALL the time and I'm not doing anything strenuous, I'm currently off work as I had a baby 12 months ago.( he sleeps ok most nights)
I have random aches and pains every now and then, mostly my hips or tail bone or the back of my right knee.
My hair is falling out and I now have a couple of patches showing when I tie my hair up.
I have restless legs at night which only started a few weeks ago but it keeps me awake half of the night.
My periods are a little irregular,mostly every 30 days but occasionally 21 days
My teeth are breaking like literally from me grinding my teeth continuously at night. I've had one tooth completely taken out because of this reason.
Dr has checked vitamins and red and white blood cells and also a check for ovarian cancer, all were fine.
He's now scheduled me in for more bloods.

Has anybody had anything similar at all or could suggest other tests I may need?

OP posts:
eandz13 · 03/07/2023 16:21

Ask for your ferritin levels to be checked, I don't believe they check them as part of routine bloods. I have iron deficiency anaemia and have to mention that I want my ferritin levels looking at.

CapitanSandy · 03/07/2023 16:44

Has your thyroid been checked?

CrotchetyQuaver · 03/07/2023 17:05

Ask for ferritin, b12 and vitamin d to be tested too if they're not already on the list

Severalreasons · 03/07/2023 17:13

Sorry I should've given more detail
Thyroid was checked and was fine
Ferritin levels fine
Vitamins d was slightly low but nothing major and b12 was fine

OP posts:
Severalreasons · 03/07/2023 17:14

Was also checked for diabetes and its fine
I'm not dieting or anything I have a fairly healthy diet and exercise daily

OP posts:
GrunkleStan · 03/07/2023 17:15

I had bone pain and tiredness early this year and that was vit d deficiency.

AtrociousCircumstance · 03/07/2023 17:15

How old are you? Could be peri?

Workawayxx · 03/07/2023 17:15

Find out what your actual thyroid test levels came back at? I believe they sometimes deem levels “normal” at the lower end but actually the person would benefit from medication.

Wallywobbles · 03/07/2023 17:17

Uk Vit D acceptable level wouldn't be acceptable anywhere else. If yours are Lô wish trust me you need a lot more.

SoWhatEh · 03/07/2023 17:20

I get ALL of those symptoms when my vit d is low. I now take Vit D, B multi and iron supplements every day. No deep bone aches, thicker hair and the tiredness is manageable. Slightly low vit D can cause all of this. Try the spray not tablet form as it is absorbed more easily it you spray it.

I'm not armchair diagnosing - just, it's worth trying the full spread of supplements that tackle these symptoms.

Also, could you be peri menopausal? My hair fell out at that time, and i was shattered with aching bones.

OwlRightThen · 03/07/2023 17:22

A lot of that signals iron deficiency. I was tested and it came back a teeny tiny but below normal so GP said all was fine but I started some tablets I bought anyway and feel much better for it.

Snickers94 · 03/07/2023 17:35

Are you very stressed or anxious? What's your life situation like and how are you feeling generally? This isn't something you need to answer but your symptoms seem quite non-specific and I've experienced some of those during periods of intense stress/anxiety

Severalreasons · 03/07/2023 18:37

I'm taking supplements and a vit D spray that i use all year round. I will try to look up my thyroid levels and update.
I haven't seen a Dr yet face to face, after the first lot of bloods I just got an email saying no further investigation requires but I know I'm not my usual self hence I've pushed for more bloods.
I'm not stressed at all, I have a very easy going life but I am a generally anxious person anyway, having said that, I've not been feeling more anxious than usual or anything

OP posts:
ConcussedPigeon · 03/07/2023 18:43

I had all of those symptoms and was eventually diagnosed with Lupus SLE. I’d ask for full bloods and ask to be checked out as it sounds like an auto immune response to me. It’s a hard thing to diagnose. Good luck 🤞

Severalreasons · 03/07/2023 20:06

@ConcussedPigeon thank you, I hope you're doing well now.
Sadly, I had thought about it being an autoimmune disease. Hopefully not but right now I feel like I'm falling apart and would just be relived to know what it is that's making me feel this way.
I'm reply to a pp, the Dr had suggested peri but when he asked me more questions over the phone, he said it was highly unlikely.

OP posts:
Severalreasons · 03/07/2023 20:17

My TSH level was 1miu/L if that makes sense to anybody?

OP posts:
GarlicGrace · 03/07/2023 20:22

Normal values are from 0.4 to 4.0 mIU/L. Yours is low but not pathological.

However, you can have hypothyroid symptoms (as all yours may be) with levels around 2. Your GP could consider levothyroxine as long as they monitor it.

Severalreasons · 04/07/2023 08:37

Thank you, the bloods the Dr has ordered for this time are autoantibodies and a lupus screen I think, amongst a couple of others so if I don't get any answers I will go back and ask him to re check my thyroid

OP posts:
GarlicGrace · 04/07/2023 18:17

Fingers crossed for thyroid - or something equally treatable - rather than an intractable syndrome 🍀

Severalreasons · 10/07/2023 11:08

@GarlicGrace thank you, I hope so too

OP posts:
Severalreasons · 10/07/2023 11:15

I'm going to put my blood results here from the first blood test just to see if anyone can tell me what they mean as my Dr hasn't been that helpful..

Thyroid function test
Serum TSH level 1.0 mu/L [0.2

Tumour marker level
CA 125 6.4 ku/L [< 35.0]

Eosinophil count - observation 0.46

Autoantibody level
Tissue transglutaminase lgA level
0.4 u/mL [< 7.0]; TTG negative

Serum C reactive protein level < 4

Does anyone know if the tumour marker level means I definitely don't have cancer of any type?
I'm worried as my tailbone pain isn't going away and I've not injured it, so along with everything else I'm concerned

OP posts:
FrogandToadAreFriends · 10/07/2023 11:15

I had ligament pain for a long time after birth, at least 1 year. It manifested in my hips, knees, back and pubic bone. Hair falling out is also fairly typical, especially if you've just stopped breastfeeding? I hope it's nothing though the restless legs and lack of sleep won't be helping you feel your best. If you can address the sleep that might help with a lot of your other symptoms. Best wishes OP.

Severalreasons · 10/07/2023 11:16

I do have more bloods on weds but honestly it takes so long to get results that I'm just panicking.
Plus I haven't seen a Dr in person through all of this, so I just want to know why I'm feeling so crap

OP posts:
Utini · 10/07/2023 11:28

GarlicGrace · 03/07/2023 20:22

Normal values are from 0.4 to 4.0 mIU/L. Yours is low but not pathological.

However, you can have hypothyroid symptoms (as all yours may be) with levels around 2. Your GP could consider levothyroxine as long as they monitor it.

TSH is high when your thyroid is failing, not low. 2 or higher with symptoms may be an indication that there's something going on. 1 is absolutely perfect when you're not already taking thyroid hormones and it's extremely unlikely a GP would consider prescribing thyroxine at that level.

Severalreasons · 10/07/2023 13:52

Forgive me for being ignorant on this, the TSH measures everything you'd need to know if you were testing for hypothyroid? Or are there more tests that could tell me this?

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