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Monday motivation needed

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yellowdinoplate · 03/07/2023 06:57


I'm Feeling very despondent and unmotivated this morning. I am a single mother to a three year old and work full time in a full on admin role. I started my job a couple of months ago and the people are lovely, but I'm so anxious I'm not doing very well. I asked my boss and he only provided positive feedback, which is great, but I still don't feel good enough. Financially I'm just scrapping by but next month I have a wedding in France and the amount it's costing me is insane, for essentially a short weekend. Add in the juggle of full time working, nursery fees and an ex thats pays only £300 a month (and not forgetting the mum guilt) I feel totally overwhelmed. I'd love to stop the ride and get off but I haven't got any family near and just couldn't afford a less stressful job (not sure one exists)!

I'm looking for loads of positivity and motivation. What do people do to stay positive and grateful (I know I have it a lot easier than some)! Or feel free to share if you're feeling similar and we can moan together in solidarity. All I hear is doom and gloom on the news. I used to love this country but since Brexit, I really feel everything has just fallen to shit and I can't see it getting better!

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