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Anonjd3 · 03/07/2023 06:42

Looking for advice. My partner and i bought our home 18months ago. Unfortunately due to circumstances we are splitting. He's keeping the house for the time being, I'll stay on the mortgage and I will help pay towards it as our son will be living with him most of the time. according to affordability calculators they would say he could afford to take it on alone anyway so no point taking my name off. We fixed for 5years. 

We bought the house for £220,000. Looks as though we could sell for £235,000. We borrowed £208,000. So at the end of our term in 2027 if we sell for let's say £245,000 (total guess) Do we just pay the bank back the 208,000 that we borrowed, more due to interest or less as we would have been paying some off over the 5year term?

We're both worried and confused. We weren't planning to sell. Let alone this soon, I'd be grateful for any advice.

I only work part time 12-20hrs PW depending on overtime and juggling around childcare. If I leave I couldn't afford a bedsit let alone a place to live I earn less than £1000 per month. Would I be entitled to any benefits? Even though my name in on a mortgage as a homeowner? I don't even have anywhere to go! I'm sofa surfing at family and friends until I get something sorted but freaking out. Working more isn't an option, even though my son's staying home with my partner I'll be there all day looking after him until my partner gets home around 10pm then I'll leave. Even if I work 9-2 Mon to Friday whilst my son's at school it's only 25hours! Plus it's impossible to find a job with those hours I've been looking for years 🙁

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