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Boredom - what to do

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Findyourneutralspace · 02/07/2023 13:29

I’m often bored on a weekend. My kids are away, my friends are often busy with their ow families and I’m skint.

I do have hobbies, like swimming, but they only take up so much time, so I find myself scrolling endlessly through MN far too often.

So while I’m sure there are plenty of others who spend too much time here, what are your other things you do to spend time on a weekend?

OP posts:
Diorinthecountryy · 02/07/2023 13:39

Home spa days
Reading a good book

That's some of the things I like to do when I have time.

Zippedydoo123 · 02/07/2023 14:24

Go for a walk in the fresh air. This is free.

Join or rejoin your local library and read their books for free.

Zippedydoo123 · 02/07/2023 14:26

You could also listen to radio 4 and LBC. Both excellent companions!

escript · 02/07/2023 14:29

Walk (or jog) while listening to a podcast or audiobook.

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